20 Best Profitable Business Ideas for Women in India

Best Profitable Business Ideas for Women in India

Who said business is not meant for women? In fact, according to Statista, women had the highest share of micro-businesses across different parts of India in the financial year 2019. It proves that if a woman puts her mind and soul towards something, she will surely achieve it no matter what.

Hence, if you are looking into starting your own business but holding yourself back, assuming it will require lots of investment, this article is definitely for you. This article will let you know the 20 Best Business Ideas for Women in India that require low investment.

Low Investment Business Ideas for Women in India

Having a business of your own makes you your own boss and way more independent. And more than that, it creates several job opportunities for other individuals.

The Indian government has launched attractive schemes like Stand Up India and Start-Up India to encourage individuals across India to start their own businesses. So here are some of the best business ideas for women in India –


Yes, blogging is the topmost business idea for women, as it enables one to earn good money that, too, with almost zero investment. All you need to get started with blogging is excellent writing skills and consistently putting out high-quality SEO-friendly content. Then the earnings can be easily made through AdSense and brand collaborations.

Virtual Assistant

The companies require technical and manual support to carry out some customer support tasks, which is precisely where your role as a virtual assistant comes. You are required to give answers to the customer’s queries and get paid on an hourly basis.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is another growing business option for women across India. A commission can be earned by selling the products or services through the website or blog. Most of the companies have an affiliate program, according to which they pay the influencer some percentage of the sales made via an affiliate link.

Online Course creation

For setting up an online course creation business, you will have to prepare a comprehensive and engaging online course. It can be anything that you are passionate about art, photography, or cooking, and the list goes on. All that has to be done is the proper targeting of an online course and promoting it on social media platforms.

Online Tutoring

Several online learning platforms offer online tutoring jobs to individuals who are comfortable conducting online classes. However, the first preference is always given to women online tutor. The earnings are made on an hourly basis per student.

Event Planning

Women who love planning beautiful events and have some experience should definitely go ahead with this idea. Yes, it will be a bit difficult at first, but as soon as your clientele expands, you will earn thousands of rupees doing something you absolutely love.


Over the past few years, YouTube has definitely emerged as a promising career option for women who want to explore their creative side and work on their own terms.

For doing so, you must start your own YouTube channel and create unique niche content consistently. As the number of subscribers and views of your YouTube channel increase, so will increase your income. Additionally, you will earn some extra bucks through sponsorships and affiliate marketing programs.

Makeup Artist

Being a makeup artist will definitely require a bit higher investment in the beginning. But returns are much higher once you start working as a full-time professional makeup artist. As you proceed further with the Makeup artist business, you will make thousands of rupees per makeup session.


If you have a smartphone and photo editing software, you can start photography right away. But it will be better if you get a professional DSLR camera. It will surely give your photography a cutting edge. You can start by taking some event photography gigs for lesser margins, and the opportunities are limitless once you proceed further.


Having an extra apartment or even a spare room in your house can earn you thousands. Space should be inviting, cosy, and beautifully done for sure. Putting it up on Airbnb will make you money without investing any extra.


If baking is your passion, then it’s high time you turn it into your career. And there is nothing better than working on something that you are passionate about.

Selecting the right product and proper marketing strategy are the major deciding factors for success in the bakery business. You also require professional training to get ahead of the game. And of course, invest in good quality baking accessories and electronic equipment, you are good to go.

Tiffin Service

Offering food services to people who require them is undoubtedly the most profitable business idea for women in India. Moreover, it does not require any investment other than groceries. So it’s a total win-win.

Resume Builder

A resume is something that each individual requires for applying to the job. But very few of us are actually proficient in writing a good resume. If you are one of them, then this business idea just for you. Most college students and freshers look into hiring a professional résumé writer and are willing to pay a reasonable amount.

You will be required to customize individuals’ resumes according to their specific requirements to have a cutting edge of professionally written summary over all the other candidates applying for the job.

Real Estate Broker

Women who are good at maintaining public relations and convincing people can definitely venture into real estate broking. For doing well in this business, you must have reliable contacts and good communication skills. You will receive a commission from the clients who sell and buy through you.

Tourist Guide

If you live in a city with historical and tourist importance, then make the most out of it. You can work as a tourist guide, showing visitors around the town and acquainting them with the history of the place.

Plant Nursery

The love for greens has definitely increased amongst all in the last few years. People are emphasizing having green buddies at home. And this is the right time to launch your own plant nursery.

There are some plants, which are easy to propagate and grow. You can start with those right from your home and expand the business as time passes by.

Consultancy Services

If you are an expert in some niche, why not give consultation services and earn extra bucks. You can start a consultation business right from your home. As your clientele grows, so does your income.

Language Tutoring

Being an expert in language or two is truly an asset, especially if it is a foreign language. Then why not employ this asset of yours and earn an income for yourself. You can start language tutorials from your home with just one or two students without any investment. And as the number of students increases further, you can get a place on rent and set up the classes formally.


Fashion, especially women and kids, never go out of demand. By sourcing the same from a wholesale market or a wholesale supplier and selling it in your neighbourhood, is definitely a good business idea for women. And if you are knowledgeable about the know-how of fashion, it will surely take you ahead in your business.


Saved the best one for the last! The reselling websites empower women by allowing them to resell the goods, thereby earn a commission. It requires literally no investment whatsoever. And the reselling business can be done right from your home using your smartphone.


Being able to run a business of your own is undoubtedly one of the best ways of self-employment. It makes you independent and self-sufficient in a way. And most importantly, it boosts your self-confidence.

We have shared some of the best business ideas for women in India with the hope of giving you that much-needed push to get started with your journey as a businesswoman.