How to Get Amul Franchise in India?

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Amul has established itself as one of India’s most popular dairy brands, and they are working on expanding their business further in the nooks and corners of the country. It brings to you a golden Amul franchise business opportunity, which you should not miss!

This article will cover all the information that you must know to start the Amul Franchise business in your city. So continue reading till the very end.

History of the Brand Amul

Amul or Anand Milk Union Limited is a cooperative brand run by GCMMF, Gujarat Co-operative Milk Marketing Federation Ltd., which is a joint body owned by almost 36 lakh milk producers in Gujarat.

Amul was registered on 19 December 1946 under the leadership of Tribhuvandas Patel, and able guidance of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel to prevent small milk producers’ exploitation by traders of those times.

Amul is the most massive milk and milk product producer globally and has brought about the ‘White Revolution‘ In India. Hence being a franchise partner of such a well-established and reputed dairy brand in the country will surely earn you good returns.

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Amul USP

Amul is the oldest and most trusted dairy food product brand in India. It has also ventured into the overseas market. The following are various aspects of Amul, which makes it so successful.

Highest Quality

The company has strived to provide the highest quality milk and other dairy products to its customers, years after years. It has worked hard to retain the best quality of its products.

Decent Pricing

Although Amul is providing its consumers with the highest quality products, it has in no way hiked the price of products unnecessarily. The company emphasizes on decent pricing of its products so that it is quite affordable to all society members.

Value for Money

Since the highest quality of dairy products are offered at quite a reasonable price, customers truly get their value for money. Amul values the hard-earned money of its customers and ensures that its customers get value for the money they spend.

Customer Satisfaction

It can be said without any doubt that Amul has won the hearts of Indians all across the country with its products. Hence, it is called Amul – The Taste Of India.

Wide Array of Products

Amul, one of the best dairy brands in India, offers an extensive range of products to its customers. It provides all the dairy and bakery products that customers may ever require, including Amul butter, Amul cheese, Amul ice creams, Amul Kool, Amul Dahi, and much more.

Why Should You Open an Amul Franchise?

Amul franchisees are provided with prepackaged Amul products in different packaging capacities through the authorized distributors. All the other required toppings and other accessories should be bought from company approved vendors. Moreover, the company also predetermines the price of Amul products. This is what makes Amul franchisee business different from all the other franchise businesses.

Here I’m going to list down a few reasons that will explain why you should take an Amul Dairy Franchise in your city.

Well Established Brand

If you are stepping into the franchise business, it would be a great idea to become franchise partners of one of India’s most established brand, Amul.

Refundable Deposit

The security deposit that you will pay to the company as a franchise owner is entirely refundable. The amount of security deposit payment that has to be made differs according to the type of franchise you intend to open.

Exclusively Selling

Amul sells its products exclusively through its franchise stores. And it makes the franchise business much more profitable. The customers are guaranteed high quality, authentic Amul products, and franchise owners are assured of a profitable business.

No Royalty Fees

The company does not charge any royalty fees, which in turn increases the Amul franchise business’s profit margin.

No Profit Sharing

Besides not charging royalty fees, the company also believes in no profit-sharing policies. It positively affects the revenue generated, and thus the franchise owners hit the break-even in a comparatively shorter period.

Lesser Space Required

Although Amul requires that its franchise store be located in the city market’s prominent place, the area requirements are relatively less. The franchise store can be opened on the premises having only 300 sq. ft. of area.

Higher Margins

The profit margins that Amul offers on its products differ throughout the Amul product range. The profit margin varies from as high as 50% on Amul ice creams up to 2.5% on Amul milk. Hence, it can be said that Amul offers good profit margins to its franchise partners.

Lower Working Capital

The working capital required to get started with the Amul franchise business is as low as INR 25000, which is relatively low compared to several other similar franchise businesses.

Quick Returns on Investments

Amul is a well-established dairy company in India and a commonly known household name in India. Hence, Amul products have a huge loyal customer base to themselves. The ongoing demand for Amul products plays a huge role in revenue generation.

Moreover, Amul does not charge royalty fees, either share the profit generated. Therefore, if the customer flow to the Amul franchise store is constant, the franchise owner can reach break-even in just six months.

Requirements for Starting an Amul Franchise

The requirement to open the Amul franchise business in your city differs according to the type of franchise store you intend to open.

Amul RequirementsAmul Preferred OutletAmul Ice-cream 
Amul Cafe Franchise
Refundable security depositINR 25,000INR 50,000INR 3,00,000
Area Required100 to 150 Sq. ft250 to 400 Sq. ft1000 Sq. ft
Renovation of shopAs per company standardsAs per company standardsAs per company standards
Establishment costINR 80,000INR 3,00,000INR 11,00,000
Equipment (Approx.)INR 80,000INR 1,50,000INR 5,00,000

How to Apply for Amul Franchise?

To start the Amul franchise or any further queries related to the same, Amul franchise aspirants should give a call on the official Amul customer care number, 022-68526666 from Monday through Saturday, 10 am to 6 pm. For further information regarding starting the Amul franchise business please visit the official webpage of the Amul franchise.

Final Words

We hope that this article helps you become a successful franchise partner of Amul, a leading dairy brand in India; however, if you have any further queries, feel free to leave a comment down below, and we will get back to you soon.