How to Get a Bikanervala Franchise in My City?

Bikanervala Outlet in India

Starting a Bikanervala Franchise is undoubtedly one of the best franchise business decisions you have taken! Bikanervala or Bikano, as it is mostly known as in recent times, is a well-reputed brand that specializes in Indian traditional namkeen, chaat, sweet items, and the list goes on. It also offers corporate orders of catering services and has recently entered into the hospitality sector with its exquisite restaurants.

Bikanervala has a well-knit network of its franchises all across India as well as abroad. If you, too, want to be the esteemed franchise partner of this well-accoladed brand, then you must read this article right to the end.

In this article, we will give you all the information that you must know about before getting started with the Bikanervala franchise business.

History of the Brand Bikanervala

Bikanervala had a humble beginning with a small shop named Bikaner Bhujia Bhandar that was started in the year 1950, in the famous Chandani Chowk of Delhi.

But the actual story began back in the early part of the twentieth century with small sweets and savory shop in Bikaner Rajasthan. After this, a part of the family shifted to Delhi to search for further opportunities. And thus, Bikaner Bhujia Bhandar was set up. It got famous amongst people of Delhi as Bikanervala, which later became its brand name.

In the year 1960, the company not only extended its menu by including a number of traditional Indian sweets and savory items but also by the opening number of outlets in Delhi itself.

In the year 1968, Mr. Shyam Sundar Agrawal present MD of the company joined the business, and later in 1980, Bikanervala opened several franchise outlets all across the country. In the year 1988, Bikanervala marked its presence abroad by selling its products there.

Bikanervala exclusively produced ‘Lehar’ for PepsiCo under the agreement, which was made between the two companies in the year 1995.

Going further, Bikanervala launched ‘Bikano Chat Cafes’ in the year 2003, which served fast food to its customers.

Moreover, the company entered into the hospitality sector with the brand name “Aangan Restaurant” that serves traditional Indian food, namkeens, and snacks.

As of now, Bikanervala has grown to be an 1100 crore company with more than 90 outlets in India and almost 26 franchise outlets in countries like UAE, New Zealand, Nepal, USA, and Singapore.

Bikanervala’s USP

Bikanervala is undoubtedly one of the best Indian traditional sweets and namkeen shops in India, and these are some of the things that make it different from all the other similar brands,

Extensive Range of Products

Bikanervala offers a wide variety of khatta and meetha items through its outlets in various parts of India and the world as a whole. The company provides an exclusive array of products ranging from namkin, chat items, sweets, gift hampers, to name a few.

Customer-Centric Approach

The Bikanervala strives to fulfill the expectations of the customers by consistently serving them products of high quality and great taste. The company, in no way, compromises the quality of the items offered to its customers.

Consistency in Flavors

Having the experience of almost 115 years, Bikanervala has acquired expertise in the art of making Indian traditional namkeen and delicacies. Moreover, the cooking skills and the recipes of the food items are passed on from generation to generation, making it a reliable brand for traditional Indian savories and sweet items.

Recognized by Awards

Bikanervala and its franchisees are recognized with various awards, which include the ‘Best Sweet Shop In Delhi’ award by Times Food Award for three consecutive years from 2012-14.

Reasonably Priced

Bikanervala has a vast customer base owing to its reasonably priced products. It offers high-quality products that, too, at comparatively low prices as compared to several other similar brands.

Entered Into Hospitality Sector

The company Bikanervala has ventured into the hospitality sector, Bikano Chat Café, and Aangan Restaurant that are exquisitely designed and have quite a friendly ambiance.

Why Should You Start a Franchise of Bikanervala?

Following are various reasons why you should take a Bikanervala Franchise in your city-

High-Quality Products

Bikanervala, a chain of Indian namkeen and sweet shops, offers high-quality products to its customers. Hence, the customers feel that the quality of the products provided by Bikanervala is quite reliable, thereby visit the outlet again and again to buy their favorite namkeen and sweets.

Large Customer Base

Owing to its strategy of offering high-quality products at a much reasonable price when compared to other similar brands, Bikanervala has a large customer base. It, in turn, ensures that you will have a steady flow of customers to your Bikanervala outlet.

Quick Return on Investment

Furthermore, as the Bikanervala franchise business has a good turnover, it will surely give you a quick return on investment.

No Royalty Fees

The good part about starting a Bikanervala franchise in your city is that the company does not charge any royalty fees to its franchise partner. This, in turn, increases the profitability of the franchise business.

Requirements for Starting a Bikanervala Franchise in India

To opening a Bikanervala franchise in India, you must fulfill the requirements that are stated by the company. Various parameters specified by the company are as follows,

Area Requirement

The space in which the Bikanervala franchise is to be started should have space of minimum 1200 sq. ft. to 2000 sq. ft. The premises can either be owned or rented. In addition to that, the proposed Area should be in the central locality of the city, preferably at a distance of 2 km from other franchises.


Although Bikanervala has not specified a proper number of employees that are required to run its franchise outlet, but 15-20 employees should be enough to run an outlet of area 2000 sq. Ft.


Bikanervala takes into consideration, the educational qualification and the work experience of the franchise business aspirants applying for starting a Bikanervala franchise.

Therefore, if you have the qualification and considerable work experience of running a franchise business, then you are more likely to be offered the Bikanervala franchise.

Term of Agreement

Bikanervala makes a standard commercial business agreement with its franchise owner, which can be extended further at any time.

Investment – How Much Does a Bikanervala Franchise Cost in India?

It is estimated that the total investment required to start a Bikanervala franchise is almost 12 lakhs INR. However, you must take into consideration this cost does not include the rent of the property, electricity bill, salary of the employees, and other similar expenses.

Although the company does not charge Royalty fees to its franchise owners, but you will have to pay the franchise fee of approximately 15 to 50 lakhs to the company depending on the locality of your franchise.

How to Apply for a Bikanervala Franchise?

To get a franchise of Bikanervala, you can simply visit their official contact page or corporate office or can call them to inquire more about how to take a Bikanervala franchise in India.

Bikanervala Franchise Contact Number

+91 8448787525

Bikanervalas Corporate Office Address

A-28 Lawrence Road Industrial Area, New Delhi, Delhi 110035, INDIA

Final Words

Now that you are well aware of all the information that you need to know about getting started on the journey of the Bikanervala franchise business. We hope the information shared by us proves to be helpful for you; however, if you have any further queries, do let us know in the comment section down below. And we will get in touch with you soon.