How to Get Burger King Franchise in India?

Burger King Franchise in India

Do you want to start a profitable and rewarding business? Then you must consider starting your own Burger King franchise business. In this article, we will give you all the information you will require to start a Burger King franchise in India.

Ok, now before moving to our main topic, let’s know a little more about their company.

Overview of Burger King

Burger King is a giant in the fast-food chain industry. They offer various food items such as hamburgers, chicken, fries, onion rings, soft drinks, desserts, and much more. Beyond their standard products, they also offer breakfast items, combo meals, kids, meals, salads, etc., which you can purchase from their online store, or you can visit their quick-service restaurants.

History of Burger King

In the year 1954, David Edgerton and James McLamore opened the first-ever BURGER KING restaurant in Miami, Florida, United States Of America. And three years after the original Whopper sandwich was first ever offered.

Later in the year 1963, Burger King launched its first-ever international restaurant in Puerto Rico, and then in 1975, the drive-thru service began. And as time passed by, Burger King had opened more than 2,000 restaurants in three continents.

As of now, the Burger King system operates almost 13,000 restaurants across 50 states in 100 countries. And more than 90 percent of the Burger King Restaurants are owned and operated by independent Burger King franchise owners.

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About Burger King Franchisee

Burger King is one of the largest privately-owned franchise businesses, and it operates its franchisees under Burger King Corporation (BKC), the franchisor. Burger King franchisees operate hamburger restaurants that offer a quick-service menu of breakfast, lunch as well as dinner food items.

BKC is a subsidiary, which is fully owned by Burger King Worldwide, Inc., which in turn, is the subsidiary of Restaurant Brands International.

Burger King currently offers three types of the franchise agreement, depending on the ownership of the franchise, namely,

  • Individual Franchise
  • Entity Franchise
  • Corporate Franchise

Why Should You Start a Franchise of Burger King in India?

Burger King is one of the best restaurants in a fast-food hamburger chain. There are several benefits of owning a Burger King Franchise in India. A few of them I’m going to mention below –

Competitive Menu

Burger King, a fast-food company, is quite competitive in nature, and thus, it offers a wide variety of burgers, salads, desserts as well as other food items, to appeal and attract a large customer base.

Low Fees of Franchise

Burger King charges lower franchise fees as compared to other fast-food companies. This company earns only 4.5 per cent as a royalty, whereas conventionally, other companies charge more than 6% of the total sales.

Special Incentive Programs

Burger King offers special incentive programs for its diversified franchise Partners. Furthermore, it also provides ongoing support, like no other franchise chain companies.

Requirements for Starting a Burger King Franchise in India

If you want to start a Burger King franchise, then you must take note of the following requirements –

Area Requirements

The franchise of burger king can be started at one of the following locations or areas,

Institutional Locations

The locations like government buildings, medical facilities, airports, train stations, bus stops, stadium, industrial space, corporate premises, turnpikes, and educational campuses come under this category.

Commercial Locations

A Burger King restaurant or franchise, which is present in completely self-contained premises at any shopping mall, may come under this category. This kind of Burger King franchise doesn’t share the common areas with any business whatsoever.

Non-Conventional Locations

A franchise of Burger King Restaurant may be started at a location that has other businesses, for instance, a shopping complex, petrol pump, amusement park, etc.


Before starting a franchise of Burger King restaurant, the owner of the franchise must complete the franchisor’s training program successfully. The Burger King Franchisor offers a training program at the specific locations only, which are called the authorized Burger King training centres.

In addition to that, BKC (Burger King Franchisor) also provides training specifically for owners and operators so that they can manage various operations and procedures as per the franchisor’s standards.

Furthermore, the franchisor also offers various seminars as well as workshops to update and update the skills of employees working in the franchisee.

However, the Burger King franchise owner has to pay a specific cost of the material to the franchisor’s training centres.

Other than these requirements Burger King Franchisor has some specific requirements, which are listed below –

  • The Burger King Franchise must use the restaurant specifically for the Burger King restaurant.
  • The Burger King restaurant must be open for the minimum hours and days as specified by the Burger King Franchisor in the Franchise Agreement.
  • The Burger King franchisee must operate the restaurant and deliver the services in strict conformity with the methods, specifications, and standards prescribed in the manual.
  • The Burger King Franchisee must sell only those products and provide services in accordance with the specifications and standards of the franchisor as authorized by the Burger King Franchisor.

How Much Does a Burger King Franchise Cost in India?

If you are looking into starting a Burger King franchisee, then you must note that Burger King franchisor has a franchise model specifically for entrepreneurs who have a property at a prime location of the city.

If you completely fulfil the requirements of the franchisor, then they will allow you to start a franchise of Burger King and pay you a certain percentage of commission on the sales that are made in your franchise. Other than that, franchise agreements include a royalty fee of 4.5%.

Hence the total investment that is required to start a Burger King franchise in India is almost INR 3 Cr.

Earning Opportunities of Burger King Franchise

The burger king franchisor offers a franchise owner a certain percentage of the sales that are made in the franchise. Along with that, it also charges a royalty of 4.5% in the franchisee agreement.

The sales of the food products offered by Burger King may vary from franchise to franchise depending on the location of the franchise. Hence the earnings made by the franchise of Burger King also differ from franchise to franchise.

How to Apply for a Burger King Franchise

Applying for a Burger King franchise is very simple! You can apply for a Franchise of Burger King from their official website.

Just send a franchise query at the burger king franchise contact page, and the Burger King officials will get in touch with you soon if you are shortlisted.

You can also visit their official website and browse for available opportunities. To know more about the Burger King Franchise, you can even fill in a simple form, and the Uber-friendly team of Burger King will contact you to give a free consultation.

Take Away

Burger King is one of the largest fast-food hamburger chain companies in the world. It is the biggest franchisor that offers franchise business opportunities to entrepreneurs. Therefore, starting a Burger King franchise in India is the best business decision you have taken.

Being a franchise partner with Burger King requires less investment as compared to other big chain franchise businesses and thereby provides you a quick return on investment and a good profit margin.

Hence, if you are looking into how to take a franchise of burger king in India, then you can directly get in touch with us, and we will personally guide you throughout the process of application and help you in your franchise business.