How‌ ‌to‌ Get a Cream Stone ‌Franchise‌ in Your City?

Cream Stone Outlet in India

Ice cream is one of the most popular desserts, not only in India but worldwide. Everyone loves a scoop of delicious ice cream and can be had at any time of the day or year. If you are looking to surprise your kids, you can simply buy them a pack of ice cream, and your kids will love you for that. It is quite simple to make and also cheap too. You can have ice cream on your list for all kind of parties, get-togethers, birthday parties, etc.

When it comes to India’s popular ice cream brands, one cannot forget about Cream Stone. They offer a highly amicable experience to relish your favourite ice cream flavour. With Cream Stone, you can choose from a diverse range of flavours or even customize your own.

In this article, we’ll look at the ways to open a Cream Stone franchise in your city. We’ll provide you with all the details, including the history of the franchise, its benefits, requirements, and how to apply for a franchise, etc.

History of Cream Stone

In 1989, Govindas Shah, a Gujarati businessman settled in Hyderabad, started a small ice-cream parlour next to their hotel called Scoop. The soft ice cream became a massive hit that they introduced many flavours and began selling franchises.

In 2004, the younger generation of the family, including Viren and Amrish Shah, started selling ice cream-based products. In 2009, Cream Stone was formed with the idea of allowing people to customize their own ice according to their liking. Customers can choose the flavour they like, along with the toppings they need. Cream Stone was a huge success. Soon, ice-cream parlours started opening in major malls and shopping places in and around Hyderabad. Today, the ice cream franchise is present in more than 4 to 5 cities across the country and has around 5000 outlets.

What is the USP of Cream Stone?

When Cream Stone was first launched, no other ice cream parlour was offering customized ice cream selection. The concept of customers choosing their own flavour and creating their own dessert was an instant hit amongst ice-cream lovers.

Apart from the idea of custom ice-cream selection, you can also see how ice cream is blended and mixed right in front of your eyes. Yes, no other parlour came up with this idea of showing its customers how ice cream was made right from scratch. This caused a huge interest amongst people, and they started thronging the ice-cream parlours making them hugely popular. This also led to the tremendous increase in sales of ice-creams.

Key Benefits of Running a Franchise of Cream Stone

Opening a Cream Stone franchise provides a lot of benefits to you, including:

Excellent Support

When you become a proud owner of a Cream Stone franchise, you never need to worry about anything. You will get all the required help from the franchise team right from setting up the premises, infrastructure, marketing, etc.

Renowned Brand

Since Cream Stone brand is a hugely popular brand, you don’t need to worry about anything related to marketing and advertising. Cream Stone has already spent a lot on advertising and taking the brand to the masses.

High ROI

With the Cream Stone franchise, you can expect a higher Return on Investment (ROI). Yes, you can expect customers trickling into your parlour the moment you open shop. Hence, we can guarantee that you will break even in less than 6 to 12 months.

Tasty Menu

Cream Stone offers its customers with various ice-cream categories, including:

  • Chocolate concepts
  • Nutty concepts
  • Diet concepts
  • Mini concepts
  • Summer Specials 
  • Kids concepts
  • Thick shakes and so on.

Requirements for Starting a Cream Stone Franchise in India

If you are looking to get a Cream Stone franchise, then please read this section carefully.

Area Requirement

To open a franchise of Cream Stone in your city, you need to have at least some space of around 30 sq. ft. Cream Stone suggests that this amount of space is required to house all kitchen equipment and provide an amicable atmosphere for the customers to sit and taste their ice cream.

Experience and Skills

Even though a person willing to open a Cream Stone franchise need not have any skills in the Ice-Cream industry, any entrepreneurial experience will be helpful. If you have already run a business of your own, it will increase your chances of getting the franchise.

Franchise Conditions

Cream Stone is determined not to give franchise rights to people looking to run the franchise under the partnership of JV (Joint Venture). One of the important conditions you need to meet to apply for a franchise is that you need to reside in the same city where the franchise is located.

Investment – How much Does a Cream Stone Franchise Cost in India?

The total cost required to starting a franchise of cream stone will come to anywhere around 50 lakhs rupees. Apart from a one-time franchise fee, the franchise owners also need to pay marketing fees and royalty fees every month.

How to Apply for a Cream Stone Franchise?

Since the Cream Stone brand is hugely popular, they receive numerous applications asking for a franchise. Hence, they’ve devised a franchise approval process as follows:

  • One needs to apply for a franchise of Cream Stone through its official website.
  • Once the application is submitted, the franchise review team will conduct a thorough review of the application. It involves analyzing entrepreneurial skills, financial ability, etc.
  • The franchise owner also needs to submit a development plan or their vision for the franchise.
  • If needed, the franchise owner will be called for a direct interview to discuss the franchise fee, royalty fee, and other details.
  • The team will also conduct a review of the location and check whether it complies with the company standards.
  • Once the franchise is approved and the franchise fee is paid, the franchise license will be issued, and you are all set to open a cream stone franchise.

Final Thoughts

Cream Stone is a famous ice cream brand in India. Starting a franchise will provide a guaranteed ROI (Return on Investment). I hope we’ve provided enough information about how to start the Cream Stone franchise in India. We’ll be happy to see your comments and suggestions for this article. Please post it in the feedback section below, and we’ll be glad to respond at the earliest.