How to Get a Delhivery Courier Franchise in My City?

Delhivery Logistics Service in India

The rise in eCommerce sales has increased the demand for quick, safe, and secure online delivery companies in India. The eCommerce market share in India was only 39% in 2017 and rose to almost 64% in 2020, and expected to reach a staggering 84% by 2021.

Hence, a courier delivery business is always going to be a lucrative business model. If you are looking to start your own business, then why not try your hands on a courier delivery franchise. Yes, in this article, we’ll be covering how to take a Delhivery Franchise in India.

History of Delhivery Logistics

Launched in 2011, Delhivery is one of the leading courier services in India and has completed more than 500 million orders across India. Started with a team of just 150 employees and only 5 customers and delivering only 500 products a day, now Delhivery is fulfilling more than a million orders per day.

Sahil Barua and Mohit Tandon, the founders of Delhivery, started the company only as an express courier service for local stores in the Delhi NCR region. During that period, the online e-commerce industry is slowly setting foot in the country, and global investors were showing a lot of interest in the Indian market.

Both Barua and Tandon worked with Bain & company as consultants before Delhivery, and they saw a massive opportunity in the eCommerce delivery business. This led them to focus on that sector and start Delhivery. Soon they got into a deal with their first eCommerce partner, Urban Touch.

Delhivery changed its business model to offer its services to many eCommerce companies across India. In 2019, the company raised close to $413 million from its investor Softbank for expanding its operations.

Courier business is not always easy, and companies that withstand for a long time are the ones that gain the trust of their customers and show their reliability. Delhivery is one such supply chain services company that takes care of its delivery business by using the latest technology.

One of the main reasons that Delhivery is a leading courier service in the country is that it has a track record of around 99% on-time delivery performance. Delhivery also guarantees a delivery timeline between 30 minutes to 72 hours for any kind of order delivery to any part of the country.

Delhivery has close to:

  • 24 automated sorting centres
  • 70 delivery hubs
  • More than 2500 direct delivery centres
  • More than 8000 delivery partners
  • Around 14000 delivery vehicles
  • Close to 40000+ employees
  • Presence in more than 2500 cities

Key Benefits of Running a Franchise of Delhivery

Opening a Delhivery Courier Franchise can come with a lot of benefits, including:

  • Delhivery has partnered with a lot of e-commerce companies in India to deliver products to its customers. Since they share many mutual trusts, Delhivery is their only delivery partner for many e-commerce businesses in India.
  • While many delivery businesses have failed in their first 3-5 years due to a failed delivery business model, Delhivery used the latest technology and tools and drive the business that made them successful and stand for a long time.
  • The charges are very minimal with Delhivery, and they even have cash on delivery (COD) options that made online ordering and payment simple for many.
  • Apart from picking up products from sellers and delivering it to the customers, many go in between these two. Delhivery takes care of packing it efficiently and handles every package with care until it reaches the customers’ hands.
  • Within just 9 years of its launch, the company has named itself in the online delivery sector.
  • Since the company is already popular and partnered with major e-commerce companies, people starting a franchise doesn’t want to put any effort or spend any money to advertise their franchise.
  • Apart from online e-commerce order deliveries, Delhivery also handles express mail deliveries.

Requirements for Starting a Delhivery Franchise in India

If you are thinking of getting a Delhivery Franchise, then please read carefully the requirements that need to be fulfilled:

Area Requirement

People looking to open a Delhivery franchise need to have a minimum area requirement of 400-500 sq. Ft of space to operate the business. They need to have enough space to collect and store the parcels along with a weighing machine for weighing the packages and a computer for billing purposes.

Experience and Skills

To open a Delhivery franchise, you don’t need any specialized skills except the fact that he needs to have some knowledge about the local geography and able to manage the day to day collection and delivery operation effectively.


Delhivery provides new franchise owners and their staff with complete training at the nearest Delhivery centre. Both one-to-one and virtual training enable the franchise members to get to know the basics of the Delhivery business model and the intricacies of package deliveries.

Investment – How Much Does a Delhivery Franchise Cost in India?

Even the cost may vary from city to city, the average cost to open a Delhivery Logistics Franchise is estimated to be around INR 50,000 to INR 2,00,000. The franchise owners also need to pay 10% royalty to Delhivery from the total income.

How to Apply for a Delhivery Franchise?

To open a Delhivery Franchise in your place, you can contact them using their Partner Program Page or ph number or email.

Delhivery Franchise Contact Number

+91 (124) 6719500

Email for Franchise Queries

Final Words

Delhivery promises maximum returns with a minimum investment, and if you are serious about starting your own business, then why not check out this business model and become an entrepreneur. But we strongly advise budding entrepreneurs and youths not to jump the gun quickly. Be patient to collect every information you need and see whether this business is suitable for your line of work and then decide for yourself.

I hope the details provided above are detailed enough to give you a better understanding of the working of Delhivery and how you will benefit by opening a Delhivery franchise. Please post your comments and suggestions in the feedback section below, and we’ll be happy to respond at the earliest.