How to Get Domino’s Franchise in India?

Domino's Pizza Store in New Delhi, India

Domino’s franchise business is one of the best franchise business options for all franchise business aspirants.

Therefore, in this article, we will discuss Domino’s pizza franchise cost, its franchise profit margin, and all the other things that you should know before starting your own Domino’s franchise.

History of The Brand

In 1960, two brothers – James Monaghan and Tom Monaghan opened took over a small pizza restaurant chain in Michigan. In the year 1965, they renamed the business Domino’s, by the suggestion of one of its employees.

In the year 1967, Dominos opened its first franchise, and by the year 2015, it has more than 6500 franchises across the world.

The first Dominos franchise store was opened in India in Delhi in the year 1996. As of now, the company has managed to open 1,000 restaurants all across India.

Domino’s Franchise Model

Jubilant FoodWorks Limited & its subsidiary has the exclusive rights to operate the Domino’s Pizza franchise in India, Bangladesh, Nepal, and Sri Lanka.

Domino’s franchise business model in Indi works in three different models. Hence you must have complete information about the same so that it will be easier for you to choose the franchise business model more suitable for you.

Traditional Franchise Stores

These are the Domino’s retail shops that are usually found in streets or shopping malls, etc. The location of these stores is such that the proper parking facility is available to the customers and the delivery vehicle of the franchise.

Non-Traditional Franchise Stores

These Domino’s franchise stores can be found in airports or stadiums etc. The non-traditional Domino’s franchise stores may or may not have a seating provision for the customers. Hence these franchise outlets mainly offer take out services.

Transitional Franchise Stores

These Domino’s franchise stores offer a menu that is customized according to the locations of the outlet. The transitional Domino’s franchise stores are mostly located in an area that has a limited customer base.

Domino’s USP

Budget-Friendly Price

The price of various products offered in the Domino’s franchise is priced to fit well within the budget. Thus making it more pocket friendly for the customers.

Good Quality

Although the products offered at Domino’s are priced reasonably, but it has in no way compromised the quality of the Pizza and the other dishes offered.

Domino’s provides utmost attention to using good quality ingredients, thereby ensuring quality products are offered to its customers.


Being a pizza restaurant chain that serves good quality pizza at a reasonable price, Domino’s is well known worldwide.

Favorite Hangout Place

Domino’s is a go-to favorite hangout place for people of all ages as it serves the tastiest of pizzas along with other dishes within the budget.

Variety of Products

Domino’s Pizza has something for every customer, be it Pizza that can be customized entirely, beverages, desserts, and much more.

Why Should You Start a Franchise of Domino’s?

Well Branded

Domino’s Pizza is well known across the world. It is known for serving the tastiest pizzas at n affordable price. Being a partner of such a reputed brand is a great business opportunity in itself. 

Extensive Training

Domino’s provides extensive in-store vas well as classroom training to the franchisee owners by the experts. Thus, enabling them to run the franchise business successfully.

Quick Return on Investment

Being a well-known pizza restaurant chain, Domino’s Pizza has its vast customer base. It assures you good footfall at your franchise, thereby a quick return on investment.

Member of The Esteemed Foundation

Every Domino’s franchise owner gets to be a part of Domino’s Pizza Partners Foundation. This foundation provides help and aids whenever required.

Requirements for Starting a Domino’s Pizza franchise in Your City

Now that you know various reasons you should start Domino’s franchise let us discuss the requirements to get the franchise of Domino’s Pizza.

Space Requirement

The space required to opening a Domino’s franchise will depend on the type of Domino’s franchise business model you opt for.


The franchise owner and the staff working in the franchisee should complete all the training as per the franchisor’s requirements. Domino’s requires franchisees to complete a pre-qualification process; after completing the franchise management school training, it will receive a qualified franchise candidate certificate.

Moreover, the franchisor required that the franchise owner complete a supplemental training program within 12 months of the initial training provided. In addition to that, online as well as offline training will be provided periodically.

Investment – How Much Does a Domino’s Franchise Cost in India?

The investment required to starting a Domino’s franchise in India will depend not only on the type of franchise business model you opt for but also the city wherein you intend to open the franchise. However, the approximate investment required for opening a Domino’s franchise is almost 30-50 lakh rupees.

Franchise Agreement

The Domino’s franchise agreement for traditional and non-traditional Domino’s franchise in ten years, whereas it’s five years for transitional Domino’s franchise. The standard franchise agreement is made wherein the franchise owner is granted a territory of a one-mile radius.


It can be estimated that the franchise owner will make almost 2 to 3 lakh rupees depending on the type of the franchise outlet and the franchisee’s location.

How to Apply for Domino’s Franchise?

As mentioned earlier, Jubilant FoodWorks is the master franchisee of Dominos in India. Therefore, to apply for Domino’s franchise in India or any other queries in that concern, you should write to

Final Words

Domino’s is a global brand that serves the tastiest Pizza that is customizable along with a variety of sides. It is expanding further in India by offering various franchise business models. Thus, offering all the franchise business aspirants golden opportunities to kick start their franchise business journey by becoming franchise partners of Domino’s.