How to Get a DTDC Franchise in My City?

DTDC Courier Service

According to a statistic released by Goldman Sachs, the courier industry in India is set to hit a staggering $100 billion by the end of 2020. With e-commerce sales in the global market nearly touching $1.5 trillion and the courier industry growing with an annual growth rate of 20-25%, starting a courier franchise is a guaranteed success.

In this article, we’ll look at the ways and means about how to take DTDC Franchise in your city. We’ll discuss in detail everything from the history of the brand, the benefits of opening a franchise, how to apply, etc. If you are serious about becoming an entrepreneur and running your own business, please read the article until the very end.

History of DTDC Courier Company

In 1990, Subash Chakraborty founded DTDC Courier & Cargo Ltd in Bangalore called DTDC Express Limited. Started as a company delivering small parcels in Bangalore, DTDC soon developed into an integrated parcel driven business. In 1994, the company went public and expanded its wings in many countries by 2000. The courier company crossed a remarkable figure of 100 crores by 2003, and currently, there are around 7 zonal offices across the country along with 20 regional offices and 430 operating centres.

What is the USP of DTDC?

When it comes to providing a franchise business, DTDC has not one but 4 different franchise models. Even though DTDC was not the first to implement it in India, it was quite successful that even business cases involving DTDC franchises were included in management studies. The franchise model provides an equal opportunity for everyone to open a business of their own.

Single Unit Franchise

This franchise model is the most commonly used franchise model by many entrepreneurs across the country. The single-unit model accounts for more than 95% of the total franchisees in the DTDC network. These franchises are assigned only a single pin-code to take care of the deliveries.

Master Franchise

A master franchise is considerably larger than a single unit as it controls a larger territory along with several single-unit franchises under its wing.

Super Franchise

If you are looking to cover an entire district or a region, then you need to opt for a super franchise. The super franchise is almost like an extended arm of DTDC and responsible for the business and operations of DTDC in that particular region. Unlike Single Unit and Master Franchise, the appointment procedure is much different and highly selective in nature.

Corporate Franchise

The corporate franchise is the top-level franchise in DTDC, and experienced people with office space and infrastructure can opt for this model. The corporate franchise is appointed by the company headquarters only. The corporate franchise controls many super, master and single-unit franchisees, and also helps in promoting DTDC products and services.

Benefits of Running a Franchise of DTDC

If you are willing to start a DTDC Courier Franchise of your own in your place, then you need to know the benefits you gain:

  • DTDC is a popular courier service brand in the country
  • They provide equal opportunity for everyone to open a franchise.
  • Since the brand is famous throughout the country, you don’t need to spend any money on brand-building, advertising, and marketing, etc.
  • DTDC will provide all the banners and marketing materials for every franchise owner
  • You are free to choose any franchise model, but DTDC will be the final authority in deciding the apt model suits you.
  • DTDC courier franchise is a once in a lifetime opportunity to achieve maximum profits with small investments.
  • Terms and conditions with DTDC are pretty much simple and straightforward and lets you start making money from the very first day.
  • Excellent franchise assist service available 24×7
  • Guaranteed returns on investment
  • Sustainable business model
  • Gain access to more than 10500 channel partners

Requirements for Starting a DTDC Courier Franchise in India

Please read the instructions specified below carefully as all details required to start a DTDC franchise in your city.

Area Requirement

To be eligible to open a Single Unit DTDC franchise, you need to either own or rent a place with a minimum area of about 250 sq.ft or more. For other franchise models, the details will be provided when you apply for the franchise.

Experience and Skills

People having previous experience in courier delivery business will be preferred over others. Entrepreneurs having the passion and commitment to start their own business will also be preferred.


The main reason DTDC’s franchise model is a huge success is because of its unique training scheme. DTDC comes with a robust training program that mainly provides the foundation for the success of every franchise. When you become a DTDC franchise, you will be provided with:

  • A welcome kit with all essential equipment and supplies to start the franchise
  • A dedicated incubation cell is formed to monitor your progress and provide support wherever needed for the first few weeks
  • Training classes are conducted for the staff to instil knowledge about the products and services offered by DTDC
  • All kind of IT supports provided
  • DTDC team will also advise you on all types of management planning
  • Includes training on the DTDC standard uniform code
  • Operational support provided
  • Franchisees can also access knowledge base articles from the franchisee intranet website

Investment – How Much Does a DTDC Franchise Cost in India?

To open a DTDC franchise, you need to make an investment between 50,000 INR to 2 lakhs INR.

DTDC Franchise Selection Process

The Company has a thorough verification process, and only if the franchise caters to all requirements will they be awarded a franchise. Let’s see the franchise scope and selection process below:

  1. A person applies for the franchise
  2. DTDC starts verifying the application along with the documents submitted
  3. If everything is fine, DTDC calls the person for a discussion and to know his plans for the business, investment, etc
  4. Next, the DTDC team explains the various terms and conditions to the client
  5. The next level of verification starts with the inspection of the premises
  6. The DTDC franchise application is approved
  7. Franchise code gets generated from DTDC headquarters
  8. Training is provided to franchise staff
  9. Welcome kit and all other support provided to open the franchise

How to Apply for a DTDC Courier Franchise?

For DTDC courier franchise registration currently, there is no online application process available. Every step of the verification is conducted manually. To apply for a DTDC franchise, you can approach the head office straight away or call their customer service to get more details.

Corporate Office Address

DTDC House, No. 3, Victoria Road, Bangalore 560047, Karnataka,

DTDC Franchise Contact Number



Final Words

Ever since the company was found in 1990, the number of franchisees is growing continuously. DTDC caters to more than 1200 pin codes across the country with a network of more than 10,700 channel partners. If you are thinking of opening a franchise, then this is the right time and start applying now for a DTDC franchise.

We hope the details provided above will help you better understand How to Take a Franchise of DTDC. If you still have any queries, then please post your comments and questions in the feedback section below. We would be happy to address all your queries at the earliest.