How to Get Easy Day Franchise in Your City?

Image of EasyDay Store Outlet

EasyDay is an Indian retail brand owned by Future Retail Ltd. that runs a chain of more than 1000 supermarket stores in 170 cities across the country and is aiming to expand its reach further. It definitely brings to you a successful franchise business opportunity.

In this article, we will discuss everything related to how to take a franchise of EasyDay in your city, which includes Easy Day franchise cost, franchise requirements, and of course how to apply for an Easyday franchise.

History of The Brand EasyDay

In 2007, Walmart and Bharti Enterprises formed a joint venture, Bharti Walmart Private Limited, and entered the market with Best price wholesale stores. It was decided upon that Walmart will work on the backend providing technical expertise and management as well as supply chain support to Best price stores along with Easy day, retail stores that are fully owned subsidiaries of Bharti enterprises.

In 2007, Bharti Enterprises entered the retail market of India as Future Retail Ltd., thereafter launched its very first retail supermarket and convenience store Easyday in Punjab in 2008.

The first Easyday store was of area 2500 to 4000 sq. ft. and employed the staff members who were local to the place. And till today the company has emphasized inclusive growth, which facilitates the growth of all the members of society simultaneously.

As of now, Easyday is one of the biggest chains of retail supermarkets consisting of 1000 supermarket stores across the country serving consumer’s day-to-day needs.

USP of the EasyDay Club

The following are various aspects of Easy Day, which makes it so popular retail supermarket store amongst customers,

Decent Pricing

The first and foremost thing that makes Easyday different from any other supermarket is that it provides the best deals on a variety of products. Thereby, making saving your hard-earned money way lot easier.

Good Quality

Although the best deals are offered on the products, the quality is never compromised.

Customer Satisfaction

Since Easyday makes availing of best deals on the good quality of products convenient for all the consumers, it completely satisfies their requirements.

Membership that Benefits

Easyday offers its customers a chance to avail of its exclusive membership with which they are offered several benefits that are not otherwise possible for the customers in general.

Home Delivery

Easyday offers its customers the facility of Home delivery of the orders that they place through various modes. The facility makes life easier for consumers, especially in metro cities.

Multiple Modes of Shopping

The company offers its customers multiple modes of shopping. One can visit the physical store at the nearest location or even order through the Easyday website, mobile application, and Whatsapp.

Easy Day Shop Franchise Business

If you would like to be a franchise business partner of Easyday, a retail supermarket, then it should be noted that Easyday does not offer franchise opportunities to the franchise business aspirants. All the Easyday supermarkets are owned and run completely by Future Retail Ltd. However, if you have a suitable space you can rent it out to Easy Day.

Requirements for Starting an Easy Day Franchise

As mentioned earlier, EasyDay does not offer a franchise partnership however you can rent your space to the company for starting an EasyDay supermarket.

Space Requirements

All that you require to start the EasyDay Club franchise in your city is a suitable space, which fulfills the following criteria,

  • Space having area ranging from 3000 to 4000 sq. ft.
  • Ample space for parking, preferably basement parking
  • Located in the open development area
  • Availability of front view is always preferable
  • Properly verified documents

If you own such space, wherein Easyday supermarket business can be run successfully, you must get in touch with the officials right away. All the further information regarding the same will be made available to you after the inspection of the proposed space by the authorities.

How to Apply for Easy Day Franchise?

In order to apply for the Easy Day shop franchise in your city, you will have to visit their official website and fill in the required form with the proposed property address along with other required details.

After reviewing the data submitted by you the officials will get in touch with you to complete the further process.

Final Words

Starting an Easy Day Club Franchise in your city is one of the easiest franchise business options that you have as it involves only renting out your property to the company. Therefore, you should make the most out of the available opportunity.