How to Get an Ekart Logistics Franchise in My City?

Take Ekart Logistics Franchise in India

Ekart Logistics is one of the best courier delivery service companies in India. If you are interested in starting your own Ekart franchise business in India, then this article is just for you.

This article will let you know all the information you must know to get started with your franchise business.

Ekart Logistics Overview

Ekart logistics is the most preferred supply chain company in India. It delivers more than 10 million couriers per month to around 4000 pin codes across India.

It provides a wide range of courier services like in a day guaranteed delivery, same-day delivery, cash on delivery, etc. And is well known for delivering excellent courier services consistently. Therefore more and more businesses and companies are collaborating with eKart for its supply chain services.

History of eKart Logistics

Flipkart Private Limited, one of the biggest E-commerce stores in India, launched Ekart logistics, a supply chain courier company, in the year 2009. With time it has also made its own identity as a premier courier company in India and provides services to various businesses and companies throughout India.

Flipkart private limited is still involved in the supply chain management and other operations of Ekart logistics.

Ekart Success Story

About Ekart Courier Franchise India

Ekart is India’s largest logistics and supply chain company delivering 10 million shipments a month. This reputed logistics company has an attractive franchise program, which is quite profitable for franchise owners and entrepreneurs.

Therefore, if you are planning to be an Ekart delivery partner, you have made the right decision, as Ekart is one of India’s most reliable and secure courier service franchisors.

However, before going any further, you should know all the benefits of this collaboration.

Why Should You Start Ekart Logistics Franchise in India?

eKart is one of the largest logistics and supply chain companies in India. So, if you are looking into starting an Ekart logistics franchise, you will benefit several ways from the company.

  • Provides full support for setting up an Ekart franchise business and running the same.
  • The cost of starting a Flipkart Delivery Franchise is not that high, as you can get started with your franchise business at a minimum security deposit.
  • Quite simple terms & conditions, therefore understanding the business policy is much easier.
  • Offers courier services across India.
  • Prioritizes customer satisfaction by providing an extensive range of delivery service options.
  • A higher percentage of profit for each delivery made.
  • Employs the latest technology along with the best-automated system for maintenance.

What are the Requirements to Start an Ekart Logistics Franchise in Your City?

Ekart courier service, one of India’s best courier services providers, prioritizes granting a franchise to the candidate having experience in the logistics industry. However, let us look into what are the requirements for starting an Ekart logistics franchise.

Space Requirement

The first and foremost aspect of starting a logistics business is that of storage space. If you own one such property, then nothing can be better than it. However, you can also rent the required premises and furnish the valid rent agreement documents to the franchisor. As per the recommendations of the franchisor, premises of area 450 square ft to 550 square ft are considered to be the best storage space to start the E-kart franchise.


Ekart will provide training in your preferred city. A location for training will be chosen depending on the location of your franchise.

Investment – How Much Does an Ekart Franchise Cost in India?

Ekart offers two types of franchises, namely master franchises and standard franchises. Although both of these franchise options provide an excellent earning opportunity to the franchise owners, the cost of starting a franchise may differ.


Like any other franchisor company, Ekart also has its terms and condition as far as the franchise agreement is considered. The contract for the standard franchise allows the franchise owner to start the logistics business instantaneously. However, the period of the agreement is four years. The franchise owner may renew the contract anytime.

Accessories Requirement

There will be a requirement for essential accessories for the smooth functioning of the logistics business. Some of them are printers, scanners, computers, Barcode Scanner, Internet connection, shipping labels, etc.

Documents Required for Flipkart Delivery Franchise

The documents that are necessary for getting approval from franchisor areas are listed below,

  • Papers of property for verification of the owner
  • Identity proof like voter card, Aadhar card
  • Bank cancel cheque or passbook front page copy for security deposit money purpose
  • Business verification – PAN card and GST details

How to Apply for an eKart Franchise?

Ekart does not accept an online franchise application form; therefore, you can not send the franchise application through online mode.

However, you can send the franchise application manually to the Ekart head office or contact them through the Ekart helpline number.

Ekart Logistics Registered Office Address

Brigade Manae Court, First Floor, No.111, Koramangala Industrial Layout, Bangalore- 560 095, Karnataka, India

Ekart Logistics Customer Care Number

1800 208 9898

1800 208 1888

1800 420 1111


Ekart, one of India’s largest logistics companies, is the biggest franchisor that offers courier franchise business opportunities to entrepreneurs. Therefore, starting an Ekart franchise in India is the best business decision you have taken.

Being a franchise partner with eKart requires less investment as compared to other big chain franchise businesses. It thereby provides you a quick return on investment and a good profit margin.

Hence, if you are looking into starting a franchise business or opening an Ekart franchise, you can directly get in touch with us. We will personally guide you throughout the process of application and setting up a Flipkart courier service franchise.