How‌ ‌to‌ Get an iFruit Ice Cream Franchise‌ in India?

iFruit Ice Cream Store in Hyderabad, India

Ice cream is considered one of the best desserts as it’s quite refreshing, and there is a flavour for everyone. Another important aspect of ice cream that makes it quite popular is that it is inexpensive and makes the perfect item to be added to parties and events. Yes, the ice cream business in India is always profitable as people love to have ice cream in all seasons.

Especially during the hot summer days, ice cream is very much in demand. In this article, we’ll look at how to open an iFruit Franchise in India. The guide will provide you with a detailed review of the brand iFruit, its USP, along the requirements needed to start its franchise.

About iFruit Ice Cream

iFruit is one of the popular brands in India that Avi Products India Limited manages. The owners of iFruit claim themselves of the new-gen business class, offering customers the best-in-quality Ice creams and other desserts.

iFruit is also considered a fast-growing business in this sector as they have expanded their wings all over the country in a quick time. Apart from opening franchises in all metro cities, they have also started targeting most Tier II and III sections.

One of the highlights of iFruit is that it offers a wide range of delicious Ice cream flavours apart from a mutual relationship with its franchisees.

What is the USP of iFruit Ice Cream?

In the next five years, iFruit has targeted to becomes the no 1 Ice cream brand in India and hence started to open a lot of franchises across the country. If you are looking to open a new business, then it is the perfect time to apply for an iFruit franchise and start your own business in no time.

Wide Range of Products

iFruit offers its customers a wide range of Ice cream products in various forms, along with waffle combos, milkshakes, etc. The items offered in an iFruit outlet includes:

  • Delicious Ice-cream rolls
  • Popsicle
  • Kulfi
  • Varieties of Sorbet
  • Mouth-watering Milk Shakes
  • Ice-cream floats
  • Frozen Yoghurt
  • Waffle Combos
  • Ice Cream Softies
  • Fruit Rollies
  • Chocolate Rollies

Thailand Street-Food Concept

The owners of iFruit claim that they have included some items inspired by the Thailand street food concept. They serve fresh cut-fruit pieces along with milk, condiments, and chocolates on a cold metal plate with delicious ice cream on the top to deliver a unique taste.

Regular Training

Another feature of iFruit is that it makes the entire team, including the head chef and others, undergo regular training to learn the latest ice-cream dishes. In due course, it will be introduced in their franchisees.

Benefits of Running a Franchise of iFruit Ice Cream

When you start a business by making an investment, you need to understand the benefits of the business and how you will be profited from it.

Well Established Brand

iFruit is a hugely popular brand in the Ice Cream sector and has opened its outlets throughout the country. Hence, you don’t need to worry about the brand value of the company.

Excellent Customer Support

One important reason that iFruit has been able to grow into a reputed brand quickly is its excellent customer support team. It is highly efficient and takes care of solving customer queries and franchise owners’ problems as soon as possible.

Advertising and Marketing

Advertising and marketing are vital to take the business into the customer’s hands. Companies across the world are spending millions on advertising and marketing. And iFruit has also spent a lot on marketing. Hence, you don’t need to worry about spending any money on marketing the brand. Therefore, you already save a lot of money on that end.

Highest Quality Guaranteed

iFruit offers only the best quality products throughout its outlets, and its team inspects every other outlet to see that everything related to quality is taken care of. They also ensure that products are always made according to standards specified by iFruit.

Highest ROI (Return on Investment)

Opening an IFruit Franchise guarantees maximum ROI as Ice Cream is always considered to be a hot-selling product throughout the country.

Requirements for Starting an iFruit Franchise in India

Please read the requirements specified below to start an iFruit Ice Cream franchise in your city:

Area Requirement

To get an iFruit franchise, you need a minimum of at least 80 to 100 sq. Ft. When it comes to the interiors of the outlet, iFruit allows the franchise owners to choose their own design and set it up to provide the best customer experience possible.


If the outlet is located inside a mall or a busy shopping street, then you have a high chance of grabbing the opportunity to open an iFruit franchise.

Experience & Skills

If you have the passion and skill to run a business and manage a couple of employees, you can apply for an iFruit Ice Cream franchise. But if you have already run an outlet like this before, you will have higher chances of winning the franchise in your location.


Once your franchise is finalized, a team from iFruit will provide you with the necessary training and support to get your outlet up and running in a quick time.

Staff Required

To take care of your franchise you need a minimum of 2 more staff apart from you to run the outlet in a profitable manner and provide excellent and quick service to your customers.

Investment – How Much Does an iFruit Ice Cream Franchise Cost in India?

When it comes to franchise investment, there are 5 different options available including:

  • Option 1 (A7) – 7,25,000 INR
  • Option 2 (A6D) – 6,25,000 INR
  • Option 3 (A5) – 6,25,000 INR
  • Option 4 (A6SB) – 5,25,000 INR
  • Option 5 (A4) – 4,25,000 INR

Training, Candy Waffle machine, raw materials, deep freezer, and mixer is provided in every option. All features are available in A7 except the single rollie machine, and every feature is available A6SB except the dual rollie machine.

How to Apply for an iFruit Ice Cream Franchise?

To get your own iFruit Franchise, you can reach them through below email and Ph no.

Email for Franchise Queries

Mail ID –

iFruit Franchise Contact Number

Phone No: 91 8530257272 / 9324607948 / 9223444316 / 7021011216

Final Words

iFruit is a popular ice cream brand in the country, and if you are looking to start your own business, then it is high time to start an ice cream franchise. It is the perfect time to take an iFruit Ice Cream Franchise because they are looking to expand in a big way so that you have every chance to grab a franchise of your own.

I hope the details provided above has given you every bit of information needed to start a new business. If you still have any queries or suggestions, we would be happy to hear from you.