How to Get Jio DTH Distributorship or Franchise in My City?

Jio DTH Dealership Business in India

In this modern era, usage of the Internet in our day-to-day life has become a new normal. It is because we live in a technology-enabled world, where we highly rely on the Internet to carry out our various tasks throughout the day. Internet technology has hugely impacted all the aspects of human life, be it education, household or work front.

Earlier, having access to the Internet was considered to be a luxury. But Reliance Jio, a mobile data provider subsidiary of Reliance, provides everything that a customer could ever ask for, high-speed Internet, free local calling, nationwide free-roaming, and much more.

The demand for Reliance Jio is increasing day after day, and now the business of Reliance Jio, one of the biggest Internet providers in India, has entered the DTH service sector. It has brought forward franchise business opportunities for several entrepreneurs.

If you, too, are aspiring to start a Reliance Jio DTH franchise in India, then this article is just for you. In this article, we will let you know all the information that you must have to get started with your Jio DTH Dealership in India.

Jio DTH Service Overview

Reliance Jio DTH is the DTH (direct to home) service or, in simple words, Dish TV service offered by Reliance Jio. This DTH service works almost similar to any other DTH services in India. It consists of a dish antenna that receives signals from air directly, which are received and converted into the TV channels by a set-top box, thus enabling us to watch the television.

History of Reliance Jio

Reliance owns several businesses across various sectors, such as energy, petrochemicals, natural resources, retail, textiles, natural resources, and telecom. Reliance Jio, an Internet service provider, offered an attractive 1 GB data plan at 4G speed and other free services from September 2016 till December 31, 2016. This offer shook the market of India for quite a long time.

About Reliance Jio DTH Franchise or Dealership

Reliance JIO is one of the most cost-efficient mobile network providers in India. And now they have launched the DTH service, which quite a budget-friendly DTH service in India. Due to this reason, Reliance, Jio DTH service has become much popular in a short period.

Hence, starting the Jio DTH Distributorship will be a profitable franchise business option for you!

Some of the essential details for Reliance Jio DTH Franchise are as following,

  • Application started from – September 05, 2019
  • Franchise Charges – Approximately INR 50,000
  • Estimated Revenue – Approximately INR 15 Lakhs/month
  • Jio DTH Customer Care No – 1860-893-3333
  • Jio DTH Official website –

Types of Reliance Jio DTH Franchise

Reliance Jio offers two different kinds of Reliance Jio DTH franchisees.

  • A franchise that will be responsible for the maintenance of SIM cards and also other related services. 
  • A franchise that will be responsible for Reliance Jio DTH services.

As you are looking into starting a Reliance Jio DTH franchise, let us discuss it in detail in this article.

Why Should You Take Reliance Jio DTH Dealership?

Growing Exponentially

Do you know that Reliance Jio holds almost 45 per cent of the broadband market of India? It has put behind big telecom providers like Idea, Bharti Airtel, and Vodafone in a short period.

Less Investment

You will have to invest quite less amount of your hard-earned money in starting a Reliance Jio DTH business, as compared to other DTH franchise of other telecom providers.

Extensive Range of Features

Reliance Jio DTH set-top box comes with a comprehensive range of features like a USB port, HDMI port, availability of a WIFI interface, and LAN compatibility. All these features make Reliance Jio DTH service a very attractive one for the consumers and, therefore, quite profitable for the franchise owner.

Expanding Constantly

Reliance Jio is expanding its reach constantly. Hence, more and more franchise business opportunities are available to the aspirants.

Higher Profit Margin with Lower Risk

As the investment that you will need to make to get started with the Reliance Jio DTH franchise is lower than other DTH companies, your profit margins are higher, reducing the level of risk involved.

Variety of Channels are Offered

Reliance Jio DTH provides a wide variety of channels to its consumers ranging from premium ones to the regional channels that, too, at a budget-friendly price. This makes it a total win-win offer for the consumers.

Eligible Cities for Reliance Jio DTH Distributorship in India

Ahmedabad, Agra, Alwar, Amritsar, Alappuzha, Aurangabad, Bharatpur, Bangalore, Bhavnagar, Bikaner, Bhopal, Bhubaneshwar, Bodh Gaya, Calangute, Chandigarh, Secunderabad, Shimla, Surat, Thanjavur, Tiruchchirappalli, Thrissur, Tirumala, Udaipur, Vadodra, Varanasi, Vasco-Da-Gama, Vijayawada, Visakhapatnam.Ernakulam, Faridabad, Gaya, Gangtok, Ghaziabad, Gurgaon, Guwahati, Gwalior, Haridwar, Hyderabad, Imphal, Indore, Jabalpur, Jaipur, Jaisalmer, Jalandhar, Chennai, Chittaurgarh, Coimbatore, Cuttack, Dalhousie, Dehradun, Delhi, Diu-Island, Kanpur, Kanyakumari, Khajuraho, Khandala, Kochi, Kodaikanal, Kolkata, Kota, Kottayam, Kovalam, Lucknow, Ludhiana, Madurai, Manali, Mangalore, Margao, Mathura, Mountabu, Mumbai, Mussoorie, Mysore, Manali, Nagpur, Nainital, Noida, Ooty, Orchha, Panaji, Patna, Pondicherry, Porbandar, Portblair, Pune, Puri, Pushkar, Rajkot, Rameswaram, Ranchi, Sanchi, Jamshedpur, Jodhpur, Junagadh. etc

What are the Requirements Needed to Get Jio DTH Dealership In India?


To start a distributorship of Reliance Jio DTH, you must have a minimum carpet area of 250 sq. ft. in the well-established area of the city.

The specifications of the space are as follows,

  • It should be well furnished
  • Should have amenities required for providing DTH service
  • Should have the area to display various Jio products
  • Should have enough space to stock reliance Jio products
  • Should have space for billing and transaction.


There are no restrictions on who can start reliance Jio franchise; however, a person having previous experience of the distribution system of a well-known brand will be preferred. In addition to that, the franchise business aspirants should have a provision of space. They should be good at maintaining interpersonal relationships with employees, the Reliance Jio team, and, most importantly, the customers.

Investment – How Much Does a Jio DTH Franchise Cost in India?

The cost to set up a franchise business of reliance Jio DTH services mainly depends on the types of franchise owner you are looking into as well as the location of your franchise.

Taking into consideration various factors which decide the invest that is to be made the average cost is as follows,

  • Investment for basic franchise up to INR 50,000
  • Investment for City-level franchise up to INR 1 lakhs
  • Investment for state-level franchise up to INR 5 lakhs


For the smooth functioning of the franchise, it is recommended that at least 10 to 12 employees should be hired. Working with Jio DTH implies that the employees are required to visit the consumers’ home to install a DTH connection. Therefore the employees must have the following qualities,

  • Good at making effective interpersonal communication
  • Strong members of the team
  • Ready to learn new things and thus keep themselves updated
  • Good at communication and managing relationships


  • Identity proof issued by the Government of India includes Passport, Aadhar Card, and voter card.
  • Legal rent agreement of the space of the franchise
  • A cancelled cheque for the agreement

Who Can Apply for Jio DTH Distributorship?

A citizen of India who has valid identity proof issued by the Government of India, such as a Voter Card, Aadhar card, PAN card, or passport, can apply for starting a Reliance Jio DTH franchise.

How to Apply for Jio DTH Dealership or Franchise?

There are several ways by which you can apply for the franchise. You can either visit the nearest JIO Center or visit their Jio DTH Official Site to complete your Reliance Jio DTH Online Registration process.

Take Away

The Reliance Jio, the most prominent Internet provider, is in the mode of expansion and therefore is encouraging entrepreneurs to enter the world of a franchise business.

The revenue model of the Jio DTH distributorship is very profitable, with quite lower risk involved. Hence your decision to start the Jio DTH Dealership is the best business decision you have made.

If you have any further queries about starting your Reliance Jio DTH franchise, please comment down below, and we will be glad to help you out.