How to Get a Jockey Franchise in India?

Jockey outlet in Sangli, Maharashtra, India

Do you want to become a franchise partner of Jockey, the world’s most reputed company that manufactures and distributes innerwear, sleepwear, loungewear, and activewear for men, women as well as kids? Then this article is just for you as in this article, as we will be giving all the information you need to start a Jockey franchise in India.

History of the Brand Jockey

It all started in the year 1876 when Mr Samuel Cooper started a hosiery business named S.T. Cooper & Sons in Michigan, USA. The company was renamed later as Cooper Underwear Company in the year 1971 and changed again to Jockey International, Inc. in 1972.

To mark its presence in countries like Sri Lanka, Nepal, India, and UAE, Jockey International, Inc. gave an authorized license to Page Industries in the year 1994.

Page Industries is located in Bangalore, India, and is responsible for manufacturing as well as marketing, Jockey products in those countries. Later in the year 1999, the company launched jockey official site.

Various reasons because of which Jockey is a well-known innerwear, sleepwear and sportswear brand in India for men, women and children alike are as follows,

Transforming with Market Demands

Jockey has, for sure, transformed its products in accordance with the consumer’s changing requirements and fashion trends. Doing so helps the brand to be most relevant to the demands and expectations of generations.

Attractive Packaging

A product is nothing if it doesn’t have packaging that attracts customers. Therefore, the jockey has emphasized creating attractive packaging for its products.

Manufactures High Quality Products

The company was founded a long time ago, in the year 1876, and something that has not changed throughout all these years is its high-quality products.

Creative Marketing Strategies

Jockey, a well-renowned innerwear brand globally, has a very creative marketing strategy in place that has undoubtedly made a considerable difference in its overall turnover.

Easy Availability

The consumers will be able to purchase the products offered by the company, for instance, jockey undergarments, tank top, tops, pyjamas, only if it is readily available to them. Hence the brand has ensured that its products are available in all the multi-brand stores, supermarkets, and high traffic shopping malls.

Employee Retention

Jockey India strives to motivate, empower, and retain its employees. It indicates a high-value system of the company and sets it apart from other similar brands.

Jockey Online Store

They launched their online store that facilitates Jockey online shopping, which is very convenient for the consumers.

Why Should You Start a Franchise of Jockey?

Jockey offers franchise business aspirants an opportunity to work as its franchise partners. Following are the reasons why you should take a Jockey franchise business soon,

Provides Operational Manual

The company provides each of its franchise an operational manual, in which all the knowledge about the Jockey franchise business is mentioned.

Highly Reputed Brand

Jockey is a well-reputed brand in Indian innerwear and other garments sectors; therefore starting a jockey undergarments franchise will enable you to form an association in a way with the brand itself.

Provides Support

The world-renowned innerwear manufacturing company provides complete guidance and support to the franchise owner to open, launch, and promote the franchise.

Loyal Customer Base

Owing to its excellent quality, attractive packaging, easy availability, and great marketing strategy, the company has a vast loyal customer base of its own. It ensures that your jockey store will have constant customer flow and, thus, a quick return on investment.

Requirements for Starting a Jockey Franchise in India

To open an exclusive jockey shop, you must be very well aware of all the Jockey franchise details, which are as mentioned below,

Area Requirement

To get a Jockey India franchise, you will require a commercial space of around 1000 to 1400 square feet area, having a frontage of almost 40 to 50 feet. In addition to that, the company also specifies the height and breadth of the franchise space, which should be nearly 10 to 12 ft and 25 to 30 ft, respectively.

The proposed franchise space can be either self-owned or taken on rent.


As mentioned earlier, the company provides an operational manual to each of its franchises, including all the knowledge about running the franchise efficiently. In addition to that, the expert management team of Jockey India provides training to the entire staff of the franchise to ensure their skills are up to the mark of the company standards.

Furthermore, the company also arranges additional training regularly to ensure that all the staff members are very well aware of the ongoing trends in the industry and changing scenarios in the marketplace.


The franchise business aspirants should possess entrepreneurial and managerial skills to ensure the smooth functioning of the jockey outlet in the long run. Having previous experience in the successful running of the franchise business will always be preferred by the company.


On average, 4 to 6 employees are required for the smooth functioning of the jockey franchise store. However, this number may vary depending upon the total area of the franchise and also the customer flow.

The company emphasizes that the employees should have proper knowledge about the current trends in the industry and various products offered by the company.

Additionally, the employees should have good communication and marketing skills, which will be very beneficial to increase the revenue generated at the store.

Investment – How Much Does a Jockey Franchise Cost in India?

The jockey showroom franchise cost is about 45 to 50 lakhs Rupees. But the best part is that Jockey India does not charge royalty fees or franchise fee. It ensures a quick return on investment for franchise owners.

How to Apply for a Jockey Undergarments Franchise?

The jockey franchise aspirants can either apply for the franchise by filling in the contact form on Jockey Official Website or directly contact the company’s head office. In case you are shortlisted, the company officials will contact you for the same.

Head Office Address

Page Industries Limited, Umiya Business Bay-Tower-1, 7th Floor, Cessna Business Park, Kadubeesanahalli, Varthur Hobli, Bengaluru- 560103.

Jockey Franchise Contact Number

Ph: +91-80-49464646, +91-80-49454545

Final Words

We hope that this article has provided you all the Jockey franchise details that you were looking for. In case you have any further queries, please leave a comment down below, and we will get back to you soon.