How to Get Jumbo King Franchise in My City?

JumboKing Food Outlet in Mumbai

Vada Pav is one of the most popular street foods in Mumbai. It is a vegetarian dish that mainly consists of fried potato dumplings stuffed in between a bread bun. Also, called the “Bombay Burger” for its resemblance to the burgers of today, Vada Pav is cheap yet tasty and delicious.

Jumbo King is a popular fast-food chain that is primarily focused on providing tasty Vada Pav to its customers. Vada Pav is a food perfect for people on the move looking for a quick bite. Yet, a single vada pav can keep your hunger down for a while. In this article, we’ll look at how to open a JumboKing Franchise in your city.

History of the Brand JumboKing

In 2001, Dheeraj Gupta started JumboKing in a small 200 sq. ft shop near Malad railway station in Mumbai. Vada Pav is already a popular food among the people of Mumbai, but Vada Pav was only sold as street food. It was a new experience for everyone to see Vada Pav being sold from a shop. Right from day one, the shop began to make profits.

Dheeraj Gupta has a diploma from the Institute of Hotel Management in Mumbai and an MBA from Symbiosis Institute from Pune. JumboKing was not the first venture for Dheeraj as he already tried his hands with “Shagun”, a sweet making business. But he had to shut down the business due to some losses. But with the help of family and friends, Dheeraj started JumboKing. Now it has close to more than 300 outlets across the country.

When Jumbo King was started, there was stiff competition from street vendors selling vada pav. While the street vendors were selling vada pav priced at ₹2, Jumbo King was selling at ₹2. The main reason that JumboKing became a big hit with customers is that the vada pav available with street vendors was not made in hygienic conditions. But JumboKing was like a proper shop almost similar to a fast food outlet selling vada pav cooked in a clean environment.

Young Indian women eat the popular food snack vada pav at a Jumbo King food outlet in Mumbai

JumboKing sells many varieties of vada pav including:

  • Crispy Veg JK
  • Regular JK
  • Double Decker JK
  • Nachos JK
  • Schezwan JK
  • Corn Palak JK
  • Grill JK
  • Tandoori Paneer JK
  • Butter Grill JK
  • Cheese Grill JK

One can also find other delicacies like salted fries, cheese poppers, softies, thick shakes, and peri peri fries with cheese sauce at Jumbo King. Another highlight of JumboKing is if you hover over a menu item on their website, you can see a detailed breakdown of carbohydrates, fats, protein, sugar, and energy available in every dish. Hence you know how many calories you will gain from every dish you eat from JumboKing.

Key Benefits of Running a Franchise of Jumbo King

If you are looking to open a Jumbo King franchise, then you should also know the benefits that come along with opening a franchise in your city:

  • JumboKing is a brand name that is popular among many fast-food enthusiasts
  • Jumbo King has sold more than 11 crore vada pavs across the country till date
  • Since the brand is already famous, you don’t need to spend a dime in branding, advertising, or marketing the brand.
  • JumboKing comes with over a decade of experience in the fast-food sector
  • It is one of the most popular and successful business models, with several franchisees across the country
  • Provides excellent ROI (Returns on Investment)
  • All kind of support is extended by Jumbo King to help you set up the franchise.

Requirements for Starting a JumboKing Franchise in My City

Please read the instructions specified below carefully as all details are required to getting a Jumbo King franchise in your city.

Area Requirement

To be eligible to open a Jumbo King franchise, you need to either own or rent a place with a minimum of 200-250 sq. ft of space. Moreover, the site needs to be located in a prime commercial location with high footfalls.

Experience and Skills

The person looking to open the franchise should have some experience in running a business and managing people. People who are passionate and ready to become an entrepreneur and make money are eligible to open a Franchise of Jumbo King.


One of the major advantages of opening a JumboKing Franchise is extending all kinds of support to franchise owners. Jumbo king provides operational, promotional, logistical, and even assistance in locating the site for the store, etc.

JumboKing also provides you a detailed manual with all the instructions needed to know about the menu items sold at JumboKing, along with some common etiquette tips, etc.

People willing to open a franchisee need to attend a training program that consists of 3-day theory and 12-day practical training. Once the training is over, you need to appear for an exam, and people who pass the exam will be eligible to open a franchise.

Investment – How Much Does a JumboKing Franchise Cost in India?

To open a Jumbo King franchise, you need to pay a non-refundable franchise fee of 4 lakhs rupees + GST along with a sum of Rs. 50,000 as a refundable deposit. The franchise agreement is valid for 20 years from the date of signing the contract and needs to be renewed every five years. The franchise owners also need to pay a royalty fee of 10% on the total sales.

How to Apply for a JumboKing Franchise?

To get a JumboKing Franchise, you need to fill out an application form on their official website. You can access the form of their official franchising page. You can also contact them by visiting their head office or through their phone number.

Jumboking Head Office

Jumbo king Foods Pvt. Ltd. 73, Virwani Industrial Estate, W.E.Highway, Goregaon (East), Mumbai 400 063.

JumboKing Franchise Contact Number

Customer Care No:  022 – 2927 1286 / 2927 1357

Final Words

Jumbo King is a popular fast-food chain based in Mumbai and has opened many franchise stores across the country. The franchise business promises an excellent return on investment. People looking to start their own business can check out this franchise model as fast food is always a profitable business.

We hope the information guide provided above to open a JumboKing Franchise has provided you with all the details you were looking for. If you still have any queries, then please don’t hesitate to post your comments and questions in the feedback section below. We would be happy to address all your queries at the earliest.