How to Get the Kangaroo Kids Franchise in Your City?

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The Early Childhood Care and Education Market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 18 during 2020-2024. Hence, the early childhood care and kids’ school market is too huge. To accomplish this industry’s needs, we can see kids’ school franchises cropping up in every corner of the streets in India. Kangaroo Kids is a popular preschool franchise with its branches spread all over the country.

Kangaroo Kids is renowned for using cutting-edge teaching methodologies and techniques to maximize young minds’ potential. In this article, we’ll explore how to start a Kangaroo Kids Franchise in your city. We’ll also look at the costs involved, its benefits, and requirements for opening the franchise.

History of Kangaroo Kids Preschool

Lina Ashar, the founder of Kangaroo Kids, started a small pre-school with just 25 students in 1993 in Bandra, Mumbai. With a stress-free education curriculum for kids along with an enjoyable experience, Kangaroo Kids soon shot into fame. Today, Kangaroo Kids has spread its wings throughout the country with more than 70 franchisees in more than 29 cities.

USP of the Kangaroo Kids Franchise

When it comes to pre-school education, Lina Ashar focuses mainly on developing well-rounded children through innovative teaching methodologies. Lina Ashar, inspired by Benjamin Bloom’s learning principles, the Kangaroo Kids franchise curriculum is devised based on these principles.

With Kangaroo Kids, the main focus is to allow the children to encourage to remain their own selves. The teacher’s job is only to instigate the fire in them to explore further. Every activity is mainly based on improving their skills, including learning, playing, thinking, etc. In simple words, education should always be fun and entertaining that instils a feeling of love to think and learn more.

Kangaroo Kids provides an opportunity for like-minded educationists, entrepreneurs, and business people to start their own successful businesses. Yes, one can easily partner with this popular pre-school brand and provide the highest education quality at affordable prices.

Key Benefits of Starting a Franchise of Kangaroo Kids

Starting a Kangaroo Kids preschool franchise in your city provides various benefits as outlined below:

Established Brand

Kangaroo Kids is a well-established and renowned name in the pre-school industry. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about spending your valuable time, effort, or money taking the name to the people. Once people see the brand name in their locality, they will simply walk in to join their kids in the pre-school.

Blooms Learning Principles

The founder of the Kangaroo Kids franchise was highly inspired by Bloom’s taxonomy on preschool education and devised the curriculum based on those principles.

Powered by Neuroscience

The curriculum is also powered by neuroscience that ensures the development of various skills, including:

  • Cognitive Skills
  • Language and Literacy Skills
  • Creative Skills
  • Physical Activity Development

Theme-Based Learning

One of the unique aspects of the Kangaroo Kids franchise teaching methodology is that it’s developed using interdisciplinary and theme-based learning. iPad apps are provided for preschool students with creative games and activities, including:

  • ABC Alphabet Phonics
  • Touch & Learn Emotions
  • Kids Song Collection
  • ABC Song
  • Animal Matching Game
  • Baby Transport Game etc

Partner Support Packages

While starting a business from scratch could be challenging and takes a lot of time and effort. With Kangaroo Kids, starting a franchise is a breeze as the Kangaroo Kids Preschool Excellence Program (KKPEP) will help you get your franchise started in just 60 days.

With the help of these packages, everything, including training for your teachers and staff, hygiene and safety measures to be followed, events list, etc., is provided easily to help you get started with the franchise quickly.

Kangaroo Kids Preschool Franchise Requirements

If you are looking to open a franchise of Kangaroo Kids, you need to understand the requirements first:

Area & Location

To open a Kangaroo Kids franchise in your city, you need a minimum space requirement of at least 3000 sq. ft.

Experience & Skills

You don’t need any specific experience to run a Kangaroo Kids franchise. Once you are selected as a franchise partner, you will be provided with all the basic support, training, along with operational support to get the franchise up and running within 60 days.

Staff Required

The sales and operational support team from Kangaroo Kids will help you recruit all the staff needed to run the franchise successfully.

Investment – How Much Does a Kangaroo Kids Franchise Cost in India?

The cost required to start a Kangaroo Kids preschool franchise is around INR 25 lakhs. You also need to pay a royalty fee of 14% on the total amount of fees collected every year.

How to Apply for a Kangaroo Kids Franchise?

If you are looking to open a Kangaroo Kids International Preschool Franchise in your city, you can contact them in various ways including:

  • Phone:

 (+91) 22 6658 3000

  • Email: 

You can also contact the franchise through email at

  • Website: 

People willing to apply online for its franchise can use the following URL.

Kangaroo Kids International Preschool Franchise Selection Process

Getting started with your Kangaroo Kids franchise is quite easy as the sales and operation team from Kangaroo Kids will help you in many ways to get the pre-school launched within 60 days of time. The selection process includes:

  • Application for a franchise
  • Meet and Discuss with the sales team
  • Finalize the location of your pre-school
  • Sign the agreement
  • Start setting up your pre-school
  • And finally, launch your pre-school in 60 days

Final Words

Kangaroo Kids is a highly renowned pre-school brand in the country, with more than 70 schools in around 29 cities throughout the country. Hence, If you are thinking about taking a preschool franchise, then Kangaroo Kids Franchise can be a great option.

All you need to do is get the investment amount and pre-school location finalized, and the rest will be taken care of by the sales and operations team of Kangaroo Kids. They will also help you prepare the necessary legal documentation, agreements, staff enrollment, and admission of students, etc.

If you have any queries or suggestions regarding this review, please post your comments in the feedback section, and we’ll try to clear all your queries as soon as possible.