How to Get a Keventers Franchise in My City?

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In recent times milkshakes have become very popular amongst Indians of all age groups. It is possible only due to the chain of Keventers Franchise In India. Keventers, the most favourite milkshake brand of Indians, is almost 92-years-old. And it is still charming the consumers of the modern generation.

Keventers Brand Overview

Keventers is mainly known for its highest quality of milkshakes, with various flavours, which tastes great. But more than anything else, the small bottles made from glass with the reputed brand name on it makes them more appealing to the customers.

So, If you intend to be a part of the Keventers Franchise in India, then you should thoroughly read this article before moving any further.

The Story of The Vintage Milkshake Brand – Keventers Wiki

Edward Keventer, a citizen of Sweden, came to India1899. He was an entrepreneur who took over the Aligarh Dairy in the United Provinces (Uttar Pradesh). Going further, he expanded the reach of his business to Shimla, Darjeeling, and Kolkata.

Edward Keventer’s dairy products soon became well known amongst everyone. Werner Keventer, the nephew of Edward, soon joined the business. Edward died in the year 1937, after which Werner ran the company. However, Werner died in the 1940s, and after that, the company sold to Mr R.K. Dalmia, who was one of the distributors of Keventers.

The government of India acquired the twenty-two acres of land that was owned by Keventers in Delhi for some diplomatic reasons after which, Mr RK Dalmia lost his interest in the business.

However, Mr R.K. Dalmia’a grandson Mr Agastya Dalmia, along with Sohrab Sitaram and Aman Arora, decided to take forward the legacy of Keventers.

What Makes Keventers Unique?

Keventers Milkshake - Unique Products, that make it different from others

A delicious milkshake that is served in retro glass bottles is something that leaves a deep impression on the minds of the consumers. The retro charm and the old world or antique feel of the outlet appeals to people from all age groups without fail.

Provides What Consumers Wants

The research team at the Keventers is continually looking for the latest trends that are making rounds in the market. By doing so; Keventers can provide desired high products to the consumers.

Strives to Serve the Best

Keventers seeks to serve its customers the best-flavored milkshake of the highest quality.

Quick Service

Keventers provide prompt service to its customers with the help of highly technological equipment. The customers get to enjoy the delicious milkshake in just a few minutes. It ensures that customers are satisfied with the whole experience.

Skilled Team

The team at Keventers is highly skilled and competent, which enables the company to work seamlessly to provide the best service to its customers.

Consumer Awareness

Keventers is quite a popular milkshake brand in the milkshake industry. And the most important thing is that today’s youth, as well as the elderly consumers, equally know it.

Growing Exponentially

The revenue generated by Keventers is approximately $4.5M. The company’s sales are increasing exponentially with each passing year. The scenario is such that for consumers, milkshake implies Keventers. Therefore you will surely become big as a franchise owner of Keventers.

Requirements to Start a Keventers Franchise in India

If you intend to start Keventers Franchise In India, you need to fulfil the requirements that are specified below –

Area or Space Requirement

To open the Keventers outlet, the minimum area required is approximately 150 sq. Ft. However, the bigger space is always preferred as it facilitates customers to sit back and enjoy their favourite flavours of milkshake.

Skills and Experience

If you intend to become a franchise partner of Keventers, you must know the local area and have basic knowledge about the franchise business. Although a person has previous experience in the food industry will always be preferred.

Regions of Operation

Keventers have more than 300 outlets across 40 cities of the country and is aiming to expand its reach further. In the year 2017, Keventers leapt in the international food market by launching an outlet in Dubai.


The staff at the Keventers outlet should have a friendly attitude towards customers. The staff members are expected to help out the customers choose the right flavour according to the customer’s preference. And, most importantly, ensure a pleasant experience for the customers. It is possible only if the employees are very well aware of various ingredients that go into making different flavours of milkshakes that are served at Keventers.

Employees Required

There is a requirement of a minimum of 2 to 3 employees to run the Keventers franchise smoothly. The staff members are generally responsible for managing finances, taking orders from the customers, and preparing the ordered milkshakes.

Investment – How Much Does a Keventers Franchise Cost in India?

In total, almost INR 30 Lakhs need to be invested to start Keventers franchise in India.

  • Keventers franchise fee, 9 Lakhs INR needs to be paid in installments
  • The cost of contractor – 8 Lakhs INR
  • Security deposit – 1 Lakh INR (refundable)
  • Equipment for preparation of milkshakes – 8 Lakhs INR
  • Marketing Expenses – 3 Lakhs INR

Agreement and Profitability of Keventers Franchise

The franchise license is valid for a timeframe of five years. The milkshake market is almost 1500 crore, and constant annual growth of 25% has been observed. In recent times Keventers outlets have become the most happening place, where people from all age groups come to spend some time with their dear ones along with satisfying the taste buds.

How to Apply for a Keventers Franchise?

The process of applying for a Keventers franchise is quite simple! You can simply apply by visiting their Official Franchising Page. You can also contact them by visiting their corporate office and through their phone number.

Keventers Franchise Contact Number

011 4979 1000

Keventers Corporate Office Address

The Hub, Plot No. 66,
2nd Floor, Okhla Phase III,
New Delhi – 110020


Keventers is undoubtedly one of the most reliable franchise business opportunities available for entrepreneurs who are willing to step into the franchise world.

I hope we have provided enough information to allow you to understand, how to own a Franchise Store of Keventers. If you have any further queries, please feel free to drop your comments down below, and we will get back to you soon.