How to Get a KFC Franchise in India?

A pedestrian walks past a KFC restaurant in Kolkata, India

KFC is one of the most popular fast-food chains and a profitable franchise opportunity in India. It is present in more than 135 countries across the globe and has more than 22,600 restaurants. In 2018, the revenue of this global quick food restaurant was estimated at $26 billion.

If you are interested in opening a KFC franchise in your city, you’ve reached the right place. We will provide you with every piece of information you need to understand about the franchise’s history, the benefits of running a franchise of KFC, how to apply it, the requirements to open a franchise, etc.

History of KFC

In 1952, Colonel Sanders started KFC in Louisville, Kentucky. It was initially called as Kentucky Fried Chicken and was later renamed to KFC. Sanders owned a service station in Kentucky and ran a food outlet to feed hungry travelers.

One of the popular recipes in his small restaurant was the fried chicken. It became quite popular in the town that people started calling him Kentucky Colonel. Seeing the popularity, Colonel Sanders began franchising his fried chicken business. In 1964, he had more than 600 outlets across the US. Since, then the fast-food chain has expanded its menu to offer salads, French fries, wraps, soft drinks, desserts, etc.

What is the USP of KFC Franchise?

The Unique Selling Proposition (USP) of the franchise lies in the “11 herbs and spices” initially created by Colonel Sanders himself. Even though the recipe was not patented, it is held as a trade secret. The details of the recipe are safely held inside a vault in KFC headquarters in Louisville, Kentucky.

Another USP of KFC is that “Life tastes better with KFC” as it offers food that comes with a unique taste that no other food outlet could replicate. It is estimated that KFC caters to the needs of more than 12 customers daily across the globe through its chain of fast-food restaurants. They offer both takeaway and in-store dining in their restaurants.

Benefits of Running a Franchise of KFC

Starting a KFC Franchise offers a lot of advantages to the franchise owners. Some of them are listed below:

  • KFC is one of the 2nd largest restaurants in the world, next to McDonald’s
  • The Brand is spread over 135 countries across the globe
  • It has more than 22,600 restaurants
  • In India, it has more than 600 restaurants and is present in more than 100 cities.
  • The mission of KFC is to increase profitability to its shareholders and franchise owners.
  • It offers a wide range of products, including fried chicken, wraps, chilli cheese fries, Rice bucket meals, snackers, hamburgers, crushers, twisters, and hamburgers, etc.
  • It also offers specialized KFC vegetarian items, including Veg Twisters, Veg Rice bowl, Paneer Zinger Burger, Veg Snacker, Potato Crisper Burger, etc.
  • Since KFC is already a famous brand, you don’t need to spend any money on advertising and marketing.
  • You also don’t need to worry about the brand value or make customers come to your outlet. The moment you open the outlet, customers will start pouring in from day one.
  • KFC supports online delivery as well, so you can order from the comfort of the couch from your home and enjoy KFC chicken with coke without even stepping out from your home.
  • This fast-food company offers the best-in-class quality in all aspects right from customer experience, food quality, customer satisfaction, etc.
  • Opening a franchise of KFC in India guarantees maximum returns in a short time.
  • Excellent customer support provided

Requirements for Starting a KFC Franchise in My City

If you are serious about opening a KFC franchise in India, please read the requirements listed below carefully:

Area Requirement

To start a KFC franchise, you need a minimum of at least 1000 to 1500 sq. ft space. Moreover, the location you choose needs to be in places where people assemble in large numbers like shopping malls, cinema halls, busy shopping streets, etc.

Experience & Skills

If you have any experience of running a food outlet or managing a team of 5 to 6 employees, then you stand a chance to win a franchise of your own.


When you enter into an agreement to open a KFC franchise, you also agree to their training guidelines. You need to complete the “How to Run a KFC Outlet” training program before opening the franchise. It will help us understand the nuances of the business and how to run it successfully.

The rest of the employees also need to attend a training program regarding various aspects, including food preparation, KFC standards, food safety, and customer satisfaction, etc.

KFC also conducts seminars, meetings, and ongoing training programs from time to time and expect all franchise owners and employees to attend the sessions.

Staff Required

To take care of your franchise, you need a minimum of 5 to 6 staff to manage the business successfully.

Investment – How Much Does a KFC Franchise Cost in India?

Remember that opening a Franchise of KFC is not a small task as it involves a considerable investment. You need to be financially viable to invest around one crore rupees to open their franchise in your city. If you own some land or shop in a prime location in Tier I or a Tier II or III cities, you can apply for its franchise.

How to Apply for a KFC Franchise?

To get your own KFC franchise, You can send your franchise application through email at – or You can contact KFC India through phone at 0124-4025100

You can also visit their India headquarters located at:

Business Development Yum!

Restaurants (India) Pvt. Ltd, Global Business Park Tower D, 12 Floor Gurgaon – 122002, India.

Final Words

KFC Franchise is one of the most profitable and successful franchise businesses to open in India. But it is not an easy task to accomplish as you will be required to invest a considerable sum of money upfront. Even though you can recover your investment, it still needs you to take a huge step forward. Hence, if you are ready for such a task and are prepared with the investment, no one can stop you from opening your own business in no time.

I hope the information we’ve provided above has given you all the details you were looking for about how to take a franchise of KFC. If you still have any queries or suggestions, we would be happy to hear from you.