How to Open a Kidzee Franchise in My City?

Kidzee Preschool in India

When it comes to preschool education, you cannot stop thinking about Kidzee. It is one of the most popular and highly-rated preschool chain not only in India but also across Asia as well. With more than 1900 centres across 750 cities in India, Kidzee is the winner of the “Best Franchisor in Education” award by Franchising World for many years in a row.

This guide will provide a detailed review of the history of the Kidzee school, its USP, along with the requirements needed to start your own Kidzee Franchise.

About Kidzee Preschool

Launched in 2003, Kidzee is one of the largest preschool brands in India, having educated more than 9 lakh kids across the country. One of the main objectives behind Kidzee is to bring forward the hidden potential and skills in every child. Kidzee has put years of research into Early Childhood Care and Education and set many milestones and standards in Preschool education.

Kidzee is also renowned for winning many awards, including the “Franchisor of the Year” by Franchise Plus in 2010 and “Best Franchisor in Preschool education” by Franchising World for several years starting from 2004.

What is the USP behind Kidzee Franchise?

With more than a decade of experience in Children’s Education, Kidzee brings a unique methodology and standard towards preschool education. One of the main USP behind the success of Kidzee is its “iLLUME”. It is a unique methodology of learning, specially developed and designed entirely by Kidzee to help the children realize their exceptional skills and talent.

The iLLUME is an interactive coaching format that involves various teaching methods, including easy-to-read picture-based books, fun educational puzzles, and playing equipment to develop kids’ motor skills. With iLLUME, it becomes significantly more comfortable for teachers to make the kids learn, understand, and absorb things visually and quickly.

Another main reason that made Kidzee popular amongst parents is that it only employs trained and kid-friendly teachers. While teaching is not an easy job, teaching for preschool children is especially a lot tough. With many years of experience and research, Kidzee provides extensive training to its teachers and staff to provide the right kind of child care and education to every child.

Benefits of Starting a Kidzee Play School Franchise

Some of the benefits of starting a kidzee preschool franchise is listed below:

Highly Reputed Brand

It goes without saying that Kidzee is one of the most reputed pre-school chains in India. Since Kidzee is hugely popular, you don’t need to worry about spending your time and effort and advertising and marketing the brand.

Excellent Customer Support

Another important reason that Kidzee has been able to grow into a reputed brand is because of its support team. The team provides excellent support to its customers. It lends a helping hand to its franchise owners in many ways, including setting up the centre, interior decoration, infrastructure, enrolments, and so on.

Effective Training

Kidzee guarantees high-quality and effective training to all teachers and other staff on child care and education. They also conduct frequent seminars and training camps for franchise owners to keep them updated with the latest happenings in the preschool industry. Regular reviews are also done at various Kidzee centres to ensure the quality of education imparted to students.

Highest ROI Guaranteed

It is no surprise that Kidzee is the winner of the “Franchisor of the Year” award as they offer a return on investments up to 200%. Hence, if you are looking to start a successful franchise that offers the highest revenue, you better apply for a Kidzee Pre School franchise.

Quality Education

The teaching methodology in Kidzee revolves around identifying the right kind of education needed for every child. Since personal care is taken for each student, the quality of education imparted here is much higher than any other preschool chain in the country.

Kidzee Preschool Franchise Requirements

Please read the requirements specified below to get a Kidzee School Franchise in your city:


To open a franchisee of Kidzee Preschool in your city, you need a minimum area of around 2000-3000 sq. ft area situated in and around a residential location. There should be sufficient area for outdoor play area and other activities as well.


The playschool needs to have well-surrounded walls and need to be situated on the ground floor. If you have an independent bungalow or a villa, then you have a higher chance of winning the franchise. Franchise owners also need to submit a NOC (No Objection Certificate) from the society to start a preschool centre in their area.

Experience & Skills

People looking to start a Kidzee Franchise need to employ teachers with experience in childcare and education. Kidzee will also provide extensive training programs for your staff on the unique methodologies of education based on iLLUME and the Kidzee curriculum.

Investment – How Much Does a Kidzee Franchise Cost in India?

To open a Kidzee Preschool Franchise, you need to have a minimum investment of around INR 15 lakhs that includes infrastructure, interior, ambiance, and other equipment, etc.

Staff Required

To successfully run a Kidzee preschool centre, you need to employ a few well-trained and qualifies teachers along with a couple of attendants to take care of the children’s requirements. A security guard is also required for the safety of the kids.

How to Apply for a Kidzee School Franchise?

To start your own Kidzee Franchise, you need to apply through their official website. Here you will be required to enter your name and other details, and the Kidzee will contact you for further proceedings. If you need, you can also download the Kidzee franchise brochure to know more about Kidzee.

For further queries on how to get a Franchise of Kidzee playschool, you can directly connect with their business development team through the given phone number.

Kidzee Play School Franchise Contact Number9320063100

Final Words

Kidzee is one of the most trusted and reputed preschool chains in the country. People are willing to send their kids to Kidzee because of their unique methodology of teaching based on iLLUME. Suppose you are looking to open a business of your own and become an entrepreneur. In that case, the education industry is the best way to go. It always provides a guaranteed return on investments along with the satisfaction of imparting education to the children.

I hope the details provided above has given you every bit of information needed to get a Kidzee School Franchise in your city. If you still have any queries or suggestions, we would be happy to hear from you.