How to Get a Franchise of Mio Amore?

Mio Amore Outlet in Kolkata

Mio Amore is the premiere confectionery shop in East India, which is very popular amongst the people living there. It is mainly famous for its tasty cakes and confectioneries; however, it also serves delicious food, including vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian food.

But what makes Mio Amore different from others is that it serves fresh cakes and various delicious dishes at affordable prices. Mio Amore is planning to expand its reach by opening new Mio Amore franchisees in Eastern India.

So, If you too are looking into starting a Mio Amore Franchise, then you must read this article till the end to know all the details about the same.

History of the Brand Mio Amore

Mio Amore previously, Switz Foods Pvt. Ltd. sold its products, namely, cakes, cupcakes, and cookies in the retail market under the brand of Monginis. In addition to that, Switz Foods Pvt. Ltd. began marketing its products under its brand name Winky’s. Going further, it also started supplying its products to Britannia as well as ITC.

All these things were not acceptable to a few members of the management committee of Monginis and therefore ended their agreement of sharing the brand name with SPFL on 1st May of 2015.

Later on, a mutual agreement was made by SPFL and Monginis that SPFL will no more use the brand name of Monginis, and Monginis will not sell its products in the Eastern part of India.

Going further, Switz Pvt. Ltd. opened its franchise stores with its brand name Mio Amour which implies ‘My dearest’ in the Italian language. And today, Mio Amour is the most reputed bakery and confectioneries franchise chain in eastern parts of India.

Mio Amore USP

Mio Amore is undoubtedly one of the best cake and confectionery shops in the eastern part of India, and these are some of the things that make it different from other similar brands.

Wide Range of Delicious Items

Mio Amore makes you fall in love with food by offering a wide variety of bakery and confectionery items in Eastern parts of India. The menu is exclusively designed and is updated from time to time.

Priorities Customer’s Satisfaction

As the name implies, ‘My dearest,’ the brand Mio Amore as a brand strives to satisfy the customers by serving them high quality and fresh food, that too consistently.

Expert in Art of Baking

Having experience of almost 25 years, Mio Amore has acquired expertise in the art of baking the delicacies. Furthermore, it also serves savories, vegetarian, and non-vegetarian food items.

Well Recognized

The Mio Amore and its franchisees are recognized with various awards, which includes the ‘Most Admired Retailer of The Year’ award for Food Service.

Pocket Friendly

The reason why Mio Amore has a large customer base is its pocket-friendly prices. It offers good quality freshly baked cakes and serves the most delicious food that too at quite a low cost as compared to several other outlets of similar niche.

Inviting Restaurants

The Mio Amore restaurants have an inviting ambiance and friendly staff members who strive to serve the customers and, most importantly, ensure that they have a fabulous experience.

Why Should You Start a Franchise of Mio Amore?

Following are various reasons why you should start a franchise of Mio Amore,

Biggest Pastry Shop

Mio Amore is one of the biggest pastry shops in India that is known for its sweet delicacies and savory dishes. It attracts a large customer base to the franchise to taste the delicacies served at such a renowned outlet, therefore, ensuring a quick return on investment.

Best Quality Products

Mio Amore ensures that only fresh ingredients are used for the preparation of its various products and therefore gives the reliability of getting the best quality at every franchise of the brand.

Huge Customer Base

As the products and various dishes served at Mio Amore restaurant are quite pocket friendly, it inevitably attracts a vast customer base who wants to enjoy delicious delicacies; however, they do not want to spend much.

The vast customer base will not only increase the gross turnover of the franchise business but enhance profitability.

Supports Franchise Owners

Mio Amore, the best cake and confectionary outlet chain of eastern India, offers complete support to its franchise partners to ensure growth and proper functioning of the outlet.

Requirements for Starting a Mio Amore Franchise in India

To getting a Mio Amore franchise in the eastern parts of India to be specific Kolkata, Howrah, and its suburbs, you must fulfill the requirements that are stated by the company.

Various parameters specified by the company are as follows,

Area Requirement

The space in which the Mio Amore franchise is to be opened should be fulfilling the following criteria-

Owned commercial space of at least 250 sq. ft. carpet area on the ground floor, in the central locality of the city, preferably with ample parking area.

Furthermore, the frontage space should be of a minimum of 10 ft. length. The company also considers the distance of the specified commercial area from the nearest Mio Amore franchise. To be specific, the distance between the two Mio Amore franchises should be of at least 2 km, so that both the franchises do not affect the business of each other.


Although Mio Amore has not specified a proper number of employees that are required to run the Mio Amore franchise, 3-4 employees should be enough to run an outlet of Area 250 sq. ft.


The company takes into consideration, the educational qualification and the work experience of the franchise business aspirant applying for starting a Mio Amore franchise.

Therefore, if you have the qualification and the work experience of the franchise business, then you are most likely to be taken into consideration while offering the Mio Amore franchise.

Term of Agreement

The franchise agreement made with Mio Amore is for three years; however, you can extend the duration of the contract at any time.

Investment – How Much Does a Mio Amore Franchise Cost in India?

It is estimated that the total investment required to opening a Mio Amore franchise is approximately 12 lakhs INR. The investment can be broadly bifurcated as,

  • Advance Deposit: – INR 2 lakhs
  • Security Deposit: – INR 5 lakhs
  • Interior Decoration Cost: – INR 5 lakhs

However, you must take into consideration this cost does not include the rent of the property, electricity bill, salary of the employee, and other similar expenses.

Profitability – Mio Amore Franchise Profit Margin

As Mio Amore has a large customer base, you can expect a constant flow of customers to your franchise and, therefore, a good turnover of the business.

The profit margin offered by the turnover, the company to the franchise owners, is that of 20% on the MRP of the product, which is considerably low but owing to the turnover, you can expect a quick return on investment.

How to Apply for Mio Amore Franchise?

If you fulfilled all the requirements mentioned above, you could apply by filling the form on the Mio Amore franchise page, and the company officials will get in touch with you soon.

Final Words

If you are looking into stepping into the franchise business world, then partnering with Mio Amore, the well-reputed cake shop brand of eastern India, is the best franchise business decision you have taken.

We hope the information shared by us proves to be helpful for you; however, if you have any further queries, do let us know in the comment section down below. And we will get in touch with you soon.