How to Get MRF Tyre Dealership in India?

MRF Tyres Dealership or Franchise

Madras Rubber Factory (MRF), a multinational company based in India, is the largest high-quality tyre manufacturing company and the fifteenth largest manufacturer worldwide.

In this article, we’ll cover all the information you must know to start the Dealership of MRF Tyres in your city. It includes MRF Tyres dealership investment, profit margins, the dealership application process, and much more. So continue reading till the very end.

History of MRF Tyre

MRF, Madras Rubber factory, was founded by Mr Mappillai, in the year 1946 at Madras (Chennai), with an intention to manufacture balloons. Later in the year 1952, the company started manufacturing tread rubber.

In the year 1960, MRF Limited became a private limited company. It thereafter partnered with Mansfield Tyre & Rubber Company, Ohio, United States.

In the year1967, MRF exported tyres to the United States and became the first Indian tyre manufacturing company to export to the United States of America.

In the year 1989, MRF Private Limited collaborated with Hasbro, the largest toy manufacturer in the world, to launch Funskool India. In the year 1993, the company generated revenue worth 10 billion rupees, the first Indian tyre manufacturing company to do so.

Due to its good marketing strategies and efficient management decisions, MRF tyres has become the biggest tyre, tubes, treads, and also toys manufacturing company in India.


The following are various aspects of MRF Tyres, which makes it the biggest tyre manufacturer in India,

Complete Range

MRF Tyres is the only tyre manufacturing company in India that makes different types of tyres, including, TBB, TBR, Motorcycle, LTR, PCR, etc.

MRF Exclusive Stores

MRF tyres mainly emphasize selling its products through its exclusive stores rather than the multi-brand tyre stores. Thereby offering ambitious entrepreneurs an opportunity to start the MRF Tyres dealership business.

High Demand

As MRF tyres offers a complete range of high-quality products that a customer may require, the brand has a strong market pull. Hence, it can be said without any doubt that MRF Tyres products are high in demand.

Preferred Choice

It is observed that any new car may be a sedan or a budget car, are fitted with MRF tyres. This proves that MRF Tyres has been able to associate with most of the automobile companies and has remained their preferred tyre brand for years together.

Brand Awareness

MRF has continuously nurtured its brand value and presence by successfully running marketing as well as advertising campaigns repeatedly. For instance, by branding on the bats of the legendary cricket player Sachin Tendulkar, MRF has become a well-known commodity amongst the youth of India.

Why Should You Take an MRF Tyres Dealership?

Discussed below are some of the reasons why you should become an MRF tyre dealer,

Top Most Brand

MRF Tyres is the biggest manufacturer of Tyres in India and as a dealership business aspirant, you should not miss an opportunity to associate with such a huge brand.

Huge Scope

Each and every one of us wishes to own a vehicle one day either a bike or a car, whatever our budget permits. And this desire itself is the reason behind the huge scope for the MRF Tyres dealership business.

Trusted Brand

The quality and strength of the tyres of any vehicle be it a motorcycle or a car, is directly associated with the safety of a person riding it. MRF Tyres offers its customers, high-quality products with greater strength, hence ensuring the safety of its valued customers. Therefore, MRF is the most trusted brand in India for decades when it comes to tyres, tubes, etc.

In Demand

MRF Tyres is a well-established Tyre brand in India, so much so that, the dealership business owner need not put in extra effort for its marketing. Customers specifically visit the MRF Tyres exclusive outlets or dealership stores to avail of its top-notch quality products.

Requirements for Starting a Dealership of MRF Tyres

The requirements of opening an MRF Tyres Dealership business in your city are as follows,

Space Requirement

MRF Tyres recommends a space having a built-in area of 4000 Square feet in total. The proposed space should be preferably owned; however, a rented space can also be used to start the MRF Tyres dealership business. However, at the time of application, a proper rent agreement of the space should be submitted to the officials. The proposed space should be located in an open development area where it is easily accessible to consumers in general.

Investment – How much Does an MRF Tyre Dealership Cost in India?

To start the MRF Tyres dealership business in your city, you will be required To pay INR 10 Lacs in the beginning in order to get the dealership. The maximum investment required to start the dealership is approximately INR 23 lacs, including machinery and equipment costs.


In order to run the tyres dealership business successfully, you must have a proper understanding of different types of tyres, sizes, and patterns. Therefore the company provides extensive training along with follow-up training sessions periodically so that your MRF tyres dealership business becomes a successful one.

Return on Investment

Since the products offered by MRF tyres are the most trusted ones, they are continuously in demand. It results in an enhanced customer footfall in your dealership business outlet, thereby increasing profits gained, giving a quick return on investments.

How to Apply for MRF Tyres Dealership?

To apply for the MRF Tyres dealership you can contact MRF Tyres officials by, filling in the contact form available on the official website of MRF Tyres.

Final Words

MRF Tyres has given brilliant business performance for several decades and has stood strong amidst the competition. Hence, it would be best if you started an MRF tyres dealership business in your city. We hope that this article helps you become a successful MRF Tyres dealer; however, if you have any further queries, feel free to leave a comment down below, and we will get back to you soon.