How to Get Naturals Ice Cream Franchise in India?

Naturals Ice Cream Franchise Outlet in India

Ice cream is considered to be the king of desserts because it’s refreshing, comes in various flavours and is perfect to have at any time of the day. It is also quite inexpensive and can be stored for more extended periods if refrigerated. Ice cream is liked not only by kids but people of all ages like it very much.

Naturals is one of the famous ice cream brands in India. In this article, we’ll cover all the information you need to start your own Naturals Ice Cream Franchise in your city.

The Story of Naturals Ice Cream

Naturals is a Mumbai-based ice cream brand that is owned and operated by Kamath Ourtimes Ice Creams Pvt. Ltd. Raghunandan Kamath started its first store in 1984 in Juhu, Mumbai, and now it has more than 135 ice cream stores in the country. In a total of 135 stores, 68 stores are directly controlled by Naturals and the remaining serve as franchise stores. Naturals offer its customers with more than 19 different flavours of ice creams.

The brand Naturals is so popular among ice-cream loving Indians that we can see a lot of ice cream stores opened around the country mimicking the same name. This led to the company come up with the official tagline, “Taste the Original”. One of the crucial factors behind the success is that every franchise gets supplies only from its head office in Kandivali, Mumbai while this is mostly unheard of in the ice cream business.

Naturals is very firm in offering the same kind of taste in every other outlet in the country. Hence, if you order a strawberry flavour ice-cream in either Delhi or Chennai, you will be getting the same kind of taste.

Key Benefits of Running a Franchise of Naturals Ice Cream

Opening a Naturals ice cream franchise can come with a lot of benefits, including:

  • The brand is already famous and comes with a robust network in the country.
  • You don’t need to spend any money on marketing or advertising the company has already spent a lot of money to make it popular and one of the leading ice cream brands in the country.
  • The business model is a ready to roll-out model as you don’t need to cook or prepare to serve customers.
  • Comes with an innovative list of menus consisting of 19 different flavours.
  • The menu includes seasonal and round the year ice creams.
  • Trusted and reliable brand.
  • Doesn’t require cooking or any special skills.
  • Can relocate easily if the current location is not profitable or not suitable.

Naturals Ice Cream Franchise Requirements

If you are looking to start a Naturals ice cream franchise, then please read carefully the requirements that need to be fulfilled:

Area Requirement

To start a Natural ice cream franchise, either you need to have your own place or a leased/rented place with a minimum area of around 200-500 sq. Ft. And the frontal space needs to have a minimum area of about 8-10 ft, for people to sit comfortably and chat while enjoying their favourite ice-cream.

Experience and Skills

When it comes to the experience and skills required to open a Natural Ice cream franchise, you don’t need to have any special skills. If you have experience of owning a franchise previously, then it will be seen as an added advantage. But even if you are starting Naturals as your first business, if you have the passion and zeal to attract and serve customers, then no will stop you from opening a franchise.


Naturals team will provide you ample training about how to welcome and serve customers. Training will also be provided on the safe practices to be followed along with maintaining hygiene inside the shop.

Investment – How Much Does a Naturals Ice Cream Franchise Cost in India?

The total cost required to open the franchise will vary between INR 12 to 20 lakhs, and that includes machinery and equipment, furniture, interior design, air conditioning along with the franchise fee, etc.

How to Apply for a Naturals Ice Cream Franchise?

To open a Naturals Ice Cream Franchise, go to their official website and fill out the form provided here. Once you submit the form, the Natural Team will review your application, and a representative will contact you to take the process further.

Remember that there is a huge demand for the Naturals franchise, and hence you need to provide accurate details for consideration and to get a chance to open a franchise. According to their official website, all franchise enquiries are entertained only through online applications, and all communications will be only through email messages.

Naturals Ice Cream Head Office & Contact Details

Head Office of Natural Ice Creams is located in Kandivali, Mumbai. They can be contacted through phone at (022-28696851/52/53). Their email address is –

Final Thoughts

Naturals Ice Cream is one of India’s leading ice cream brands, and opening a franchise will deliver guaranteed results. Remember, there is a lot of competition that exists to open a franchise of Naturals Ice Cream, and hence you need to make them believe that you have the passion and belief and make the franchise profitable for both you and them.

Hope we’ve provided enough information about how to start the Naturals Ice franchise in India. We’ll be happy to see your comments and suggestions for this article. Please post it in the feedback section below, and we’ll be glad to respond back at the earliest.