50 Small Business Ideas for Men in India with Good ROI

Small Business Ideas for Men in India with Good ROI

India has been witnessing a wave in new start-ups since 2014, where young minds are venturing into new ideas and interests, thus catering to the needs or rather fulfilling the emerging trends, which is doing rounds among customers.

The government has been underlining the intensity of business and urging people to go into a business through their baiting Start-ups India Scheme and Stand up India Scheme.

With a youthful public, that is climbing up to creativity and innovation, driving development and advancement, Moreover, their urge to be their own boss has made us come up with an article that discusses some of the best and cost-friendly business ideas for start-ups in India.

50 Low-Budget Businesses Ideas for Men that are a Piece of Cake

Well, before you get too excited, let me clarify that the “piece of cake” I’m referring to is the making of the cake, not the eating. Making a cake is neither easy nor hard. And so are the business ideas that are listed in this article, neither easy nor hard.

After the pandemic hit, the whole world’s economy has taken a drastic fall. I take it that this has affected you too. Why else would you be reading this article? Don’t you worry, for you are in good hands! Below are 50 small-scale business ideas that don’t ask for a big investment but will give you a decent profit.

Computer Repair

If you don’t use the computer just to browse the internet or play games, but also to disassemble and learn what’s inside; then this is the business for you. You’ll just have to learn everything about a computer and it’s components. You do that and you’re good to go around fixing computers in exchange for money.


Are you crazy about cookies and pastries? Do you love to bake them too? Then here’s your perfect match. You can put up everything you bake for sale and you’ve got your small business. You can also take it a step ahead by inventing a new and yummy recipe. And voilà! You’re famous too!

Saloon Shop

If grooming’s your groove then this should be your next move. Of course, you’ll have to get certified to own a saloon. Once you done with that, you’re good to go on chopping people’s hair.

Bathtub Reglazing

Don’t underestimate this one at it’s sound. It may sound like something odd but this is the business that’ll pay you thousands for reglazing just one bathtub. Imagine what you’ll have if you can somehow do ten a day. You’re rich!

Catering Service

This is the business you should choose if you love to cook. Or maybe if you know someone who loves to cook, you could ask them to be your partner and manage all the finances while your partner cooks. This service might require slightly more investment for the kitchen accessories. Once that’s over, the capital you spent will come running back to you if your food is delicious.

Certified Seed Production

Has nature been your great escape? Do you love to plant seeds and watch them grow? Then here’s what you should do. Seed production is the collection, storage, and pre-treatment of seeds that will later be used for planting seedlings. Once your seeds get certified for their quality, the rest is a picnic.

Cleaning Business

Do you have that weird habit of keeping things tidy always? Do you love to clean like Monica? (Yes! I’m speaking of Monica Geller in FRIENDS. I’m a huge fan). Then this is the place where you put your PCOD to use. You could categorize cleaning into various things like closet organizing, dusting, polishing furniture, etc.

Corn Roasting Business

The corn roasting business can bring a huge profit in the summer, especially. But it is tricky. That’s because it’s hard to find the right information you need for this start-up. Not everyone wants to give away their money-making notes but this book, “How to start a corn business” by Mat Chaudhry will give you all the information you need.

Corporate Event Planning

If you are a social butterfly, this is definitely your cup of tea. At first, you could start by organizing small seminars, conferences, and award ceremonies. Later when you’ve gained enough experience and contacts; you can move on to hosting bigger events like product launches, job fairs, and VIP events. Of course, you’ll have to get certified for it.

Courier and Postal Service

Do you have your own mode of transport? Do you know your way around the city? If yes, then this is what you should do. You could start the logistics service at your home and save additional rent. You’ll just have to learn a few languages to communicate clearly with people.

Crafts and Handicrafts Making

If you’re a creative person with skilled hands, then this business is for you. This business actually requires low capital. You will definitely have profited here since there is a lot of demand for crafted materials.

Digital Book Library

This is the business for bookworms and library lovers. You’ll need to set up a website domain and purchase some books making them available on the website. As time passes you can expand the availability of the books.

Digital Printing

Digital printing business requires a place to set up your shop, a computer, and an all-in-one printer. Your shop will begin to do good instantly if you do it is near a college or a workplace.

Drone Business

If you’ve got a drone, and a certificate to fly it, you’re all set to put it to use. Drones can be used for various things like photography, videography, no contact delivery (which is ample in this current situation), wildlife recordings, etc.

Financial Services

The things you need to start this business is a place and some money. You can start chit-funds and lend people some money for interest. That’s it. You’ll have money come to you every month and you can start something new with that money. This business is risky since it involves monetary matters. If you’re willing to accept them, you’re good to go.

Fish Farming or Pisciculture

Fish farming is raising fish commercially for edible purposes. You can supply fishes to fish markets or you can sell them yourself to cut off middleman fees.

Fitness Center or Gym

If you’re a fitness freak and love to exercise, you could open a fitness center and help people stay fit. There are various categories in fitness centers too like Zumba fitness center, aerobics center, pilates center, yoga center, etc. You’ll only need to get a certification and you’re all set.

Flower Export

For a flower export business, you’ll need to rent or buy a few acres of land and plant high-quality flower seeds. That way your flowers will be healthy and fresh for export. If you can somehow get your hands on rare flowers like a Lobster claw, Siroi lily, Magenta ghost flower, and some expensive flowers like Kadupul flower, Juliet rose, and Hydrangea; you will get a good price for their export.

Forex Business

Forex is a foreign exchange. It’s the trading of one currency for another. This business requires skill rather than capital. It’ll take years for you to get the hedge but once it’s done, you could even get rich in this business.

Food Truck

This business is again for those who can cook. But for the food truck business, unlike catering, you’ll have a choice of what you can cook and put up for sale. You can prepare your dishes in the morning and then take the food truck to a job fair or similar events in the evening. You’ll just have to chip in for the truck and food preparations.

Gaming Business

This business is for those who love video games and animation. You could take a course where you’ll learn about animation and video games. Then you can create your own games and game videos and make money by selling them.

Interior Designing

Interior designing has a huge scope these days. Everybody wants their house to have a good interior design but not everyone can afford it. If you are interested in interior design, you can take up a course and open an interior designing office. You can keep your fees low so that everyone can afford it and in no time, you’ll be successful.

Internet Café

To open an internet café you’ll just have to buy a few computers and get an internet connection. You have to make sure that there are no other cafés around for they could pull your customers away. Once you look into that, you have your business.

Jet Ski Rental

This business is for those who live near beaches. You can buy a pair of jet bikes or jet boats and charge visitors for a ride. You just have to know all the safety measures and operations, and you have a fun adventurous business.

Juice Bar

This business makes the most profit if you put it up in the summer and in a place where a lot of people walk around. The only things you need is a place, a juicer mixer, and fruits. The best thing about this business is that you’ll have full access to fruits and juice!

Martial Arts School

If you’re trained in martial arts, this is where you can put yourself to use other than self-defense. You can also hold self-defence classes for women at different time slots.

Mushroom Farming

Mushroom farming is tricky but it gives very quick results. If you have a spare room in the terrace, you can use it for growing mushrooms. Different mushrooms take different time to grow. You need to research a lot about this but you’ve got the knack, you’ll be a professional mushroom farmer.

Outdoor Advertising

Outdoor advertising is done in many ways, billboards, posters, flyers, vehicle exteriors, etc. The more creative you are in this, the more profit you’ll receive.

Perfume Making

This business requires careful planning, research, and patience. There are various courses to opt to learn perfumery. At first, you could create and market your own small roll-on perfumes. Later when you’ve gained experience you could launch your own perfume line.

Pest Control Business

Don’t let the name fool you. Pest control is very important and required especially when pandemics hit. This business deals with a lot of chemicals and that’s what makes it a little hard. If you’re already working in a pest control service company, it’ll be easy for you to start your own business.

Rain Water Harvesting

Rainwater harvesting is a must in any building. That’s what makes it high in demand. There are various courses where you can learn everything about it.


Opening a restaurant needs: a lot of planning, a convenient place, good capital, and of course, an excellent chef. Your creative menu alone will make your restaurant stand out.

Resume Writing

Resume writing business doesn’t need anything other than an office and a computer. In case you’re doing it online just a computer or a laptop with internet. And as it says in the name, you write creative resumes for job seekers.

Smartphone Repair

If you can repair your own misbehaving smartphone with ease, you can definitely do it for others and make money from it. You can also sell smartphones in the long run.

Solar Business

Solar systems are what everyone opts for these days. Solar heaters and solar panels are chosen by people to save electricity. You can be a dealer for this solar equipment or even manufacture them if you have access to the right resources.

Sports Coaching

If you’re a sports fan, and you know everything about the rules and plans of a sport, you can become a coach. You’ll have written an exam and get certified. But that isn’t the hard part, it’s being recognized as a good coach. And when you are, you’re free to open your own coaching center.

Life Coaching

A life coach is more like a psychiatrist. When a psychiatrist prioritizes your mental health, a life coach focuses on your life and career. To become a life coach, you can take courses and after a little experience, you can train others in life coaching.

Tutoring Service

To open a tutoring center, you only need a place to teach the students. You could begin by tutor classes at tour home and then rent or buy a bigger place. You could also become a home tutor, which a lot of people prefer and it pays higher too.

Used Book Shop

This is, again, for book lovers. If you have a lot of books and would like to give them away, you could open a used book shop where you can buy used books and then sell them with profit. The bonus for book lovers is that you can read any book you want in your free at the shop.

Consulting Business Service

If you’re an expert in anything, then you can advise people and guide them in the field. You can open a consultation center and hire more experts in various fields. This business will give you good results because people always look for advice, and you give them some and charge them for it.

Start a Blog

Whatever field you may be interested in, technology, medicine, law, wildlife, parenting, etc, you can start a blog and write in it. It’ll take a lot of time for your blog to start paying you. Until then, you’ll have to keep writing and posting to grab attention. You can make it a part-time service while you work.

Freelance Content Writer

Everybody needs a content writer to write content for their websites, blogs, or magazines. Becoming a freelance writer is no easy job because there are thousands of people choosing to do freelancing now. Getting noticed among thousands takes some time and patience. But after you get noticed and work on a few projects, you’ll be earning thousands a week.

Voice Over or Dubbing Artist

Voice over artist is someone who narrates something on the radio or for a video. Dubbing artists, on the other hand, will have to maintain emotions in the voice as in the video or movie. This isn’t exactly a business, but a way to earn money without any capital or special skill.

Bag Making

Bag making is a very creative and productive business. It involves various types like jute bags, wire bags, denim bags, purses, handbags, etc. All you need for this business is a powerful sewing machine and some creativity. You can then sell them yourself in the market and gain a good profit.

Dance School

Are you a dancer who loves to express yourself through dance? Then this is what you should do. Initially, you can begin teaching kids at your home. And once you’ve gained a good amount, you could buy or rent a big place and teach all age groups at different time slots.


This is one of the simplest yet tiring businesses. Taking care of kids, especially crying kids, will surely take away all your energy. But if you can manage it well, this will be a cakewalk for you.

Toy store

Who doesn’t love toys? From kids to adults, everyone would love to have an action figure or a huge huggable teddy. This business needs capital to buy toys and a place. As a bonus, you get to play with the toys when no one’s watching.

Fruits and Vegetable Store

This business will give you a good profit when all your fruits and vegetables are fresh. For that, you’ll need to buy them fresh from a farmer or you could also grow them yourself, but that’ll be a whole new other business.


If you’re a passionate photographer and love to edit pictures, this is what you’ll love to do. You can do photography of various events and provide creative and rich albums. Later you could also expand it to include videography.

Laundry Service

Do you know the secrets to remove stubborn stains on clothes? This is where it’ll make wonders for others. You’ll need to buy a pair of washing machines. If you wash clothes really well by removing stains and protecting their colors, you’ll be a talk of town in no time.

Wrap Up

So these are the 50 business ideas that don’t require a huge capital. You could also dig deep into your brain and come up with something new and different to start a business. After all, a business’s success is only when it stands out of the rest.