How to Get a Tea Time Franchise in My City?

Start a Tea Time Franchise in India

Do you know that India is the largest producer as well as consumer of tea in the world? The love of tea of all the Indians is well known across the globe.

In most of the Indian households, tea is drunk at least once throughout the day. And for some others, the day starts and ends with a good cup of tea. Therefore taking a Tea Time Franchise in your city is one smart decision you have made.

Hence, it won’t be wrong to say that tea is a must-have in every Indian kitchen as tea is an inseparable aspect of Indian culture. However, in recent times, people of all ages have started showing interest in trying different tastes and flavours of traditional Indian tea along with the typical feeling.

Tea Time Cafe Overview

  • Tea Time is India’s largest tea chain that has outlets all across India selling an extensive range of tea, shakes, and coolers that, too, at a reasonable price.
  • Tea Time, the best tea selling outlet in India, was launched two years back by some tea lovers from Hyderabad. As of now, they have grown to almost 200 outlets spread across India.
  • The processing plants of the company are situated in Hyderabad, Assam, Kolkata, Rajahmundry, and Vizag. Their development R&D center is in Hyderabad.
  • Tea Time is the best tea outlet chain that strives to sell authentic flavored tea at an affordable price to consumers in India.

What is Unique about TEA TIME?

Tea Time Cafe Unique Foods

Tea Time is a new tea-selling outlet that is very different when compared to traditional Chai ki Dukan and is unique in its way. And this is what makes it the best tea selling shop in India.

Authentic Taste

All the beverages served by Tea Time have a very authentic taste that gets the consumers addicted to it and come back for more.

Wide Variety of Tea

Tea Time has sold more than 2,50,00,000 cups of tea in a span of just two years. This tea outlet serves tea in its eight authentic flavors along with other beverages. Hence, it has something for each of its customers.

Well Reputed

Tea Time is a member of the Tea Board of India and, therefore, the most reliable and authentic tea selling outlet chain in India.

Best Tea Leaves

Tea Time does not compromise on the quality of tea leaves used. The company procures tea leaves only after the best tea testers have approved of the quality.

Uniquely Crafted Tea Blends

Every flavor of the tea served at Tea Time has a unique blend of tea leaves and hence its authentic taste.

Why Should You Start a Franchise of Tea Time?

The greatest tradition of Desi Tea!

The reasons why you should open a Teatime franchise in your city are as follows,

Integral Part of Indian Lifestyle

It won’t be wrong to say that tea is an integral part of the Indian culture and the most loved hot beverage in India. Tea is served in every household of India. And these tea lovers are attracted explicitly to tea outlets that give them a special place to spend time with their family and friends.

Extensive Range

Tea Time serves an extensive range of different flavors of tea. Other than that, this tea outlet also serves premium milkshakes and coolers when you are thirty in the months of hot summer.

Health Benefits

The tea served by Tea Time is freshly brewed. And also, other beverages that are served are prepared using the highest quality of fresh products. The quality of the drinks served at Tea time is not compromised in any way.

Tea Leaves Can be Easily Stored

Storing tea leaves that required to run a Tea Time outlet can be very easily stored.

Traditional Yet Latest

Tea Time offers a variety of flavours of tea, ranging from the very traditional tea of India that is served in a Kulhad to green tea as well as other beverages.

Reliable Franchise Business

In India, people will never get over with drinking tea, as it is part and parcel of their everyday life. Drinking tea has become a necessity for the Indian people, just like coffee. Hence they will always come around to have a cup of tea with an authentic taste from TEA TIME.

Location of the Franchise

The franchise of Tea Time need not be in high-end areas of the city, which reduces the overall investment that is required to start the outlet of your own.


The tea and other beverages that are sold in the Tea Time franchise are quite affordable. The price of the tea, as well as other beverages, starts from INR 10 to 100 only.

Requirements to Start a Tea Time Franchise in India?

If you are thinking to open a Tea Time franchise in your city, then please read carefully the below requirements that need to be fulfilled:

Area Requirement

For running a Tea Time Franchise, you will need a space with a total area of about 150 to 200 square feet. Space should have a proper facility of water as well as drainage.

The Tea Time outlet must be started in an area wherein the consumption of tea is comparatively higher, for instance, mall, commercial offices, etc. In addition to that, it will be better if the shop is on the ground floor, as it will ensure more visibility and thus have a more significant customer base.

Skills Required

In order to start this franchise, no specific skills or prior experience is needed. However, the owner, as well as the staff at the franchise, should have excellent communication and personal skills to attract and retain a larger customer base.

Furthermore, little knowledge regarding tea and the successful running of a franchise business will prove to be quite helpful.

Time for Which Franchise Should be Open

Tea Time outlet opens at 6 am and is open till late at night. But you need not be present in the outlet all the time. However, the employees at your franchisee should be appropriately trained to run the place efficiently.

Areas of Operation

The head office of Tea Time is in Hyderabad. In a short span of 2 years, the company has successfully launched more than 200 outlets, mostly in South India. The majority of these outlets are in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. And few outlets have started in Kerala recently.

Tea Time is in the process of expanding in Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, and Karnataka. Tea Time is, however, in the mode of expansion and launching new outlets in the other three zones of India.


Tea Time provides full assistance that is required to run the tea time franchise business successfully in the following ways,

  • Assistance in selecting the space for the franchisee.
  • Provides a start-up kit.
  • Provides raw material; for instance, tea blends required to make various beverages to be served at the outlet.
  • Supports franchise owner for the seamless operation of the franchisee.
  • Provides research and developmental updates regularly.
  • Aids in advertisement and marketing of the franchisee.
  • Provides training to the franchise partners and the staff in Hyderabad.

Staff Requirement

There will be a requirement of 3-5 staff members in an outlet. The staff members should,

  • Know the menu properly
  • Efficiently assist customers in selecting beverages
  • Communicate well with the customers
  • Maintain hygiene in the franchise
  • Pleasantly greet customers

Investment – How Much Does a Tea Time franchise Cost in India?

To start a Tea Time franchise in your city, you will be required to invest in about INR 4 to 5 lakhs. This cost includes –

  • Brand Fee
  • Marketing fee
  • Start-up kit Fee
  • Equipment Fee

Tea Time charges 3% of the total sales made per month as a royalty. The upper limit for the royalty is INR 9000 only.


The standard franchise agreement is made to start a Franchise of Tea Time. The term of the franchise agreement is that of 5 years and can be renewed at any time. There is no requirement to complete the paperwork process every time the agreement is renewed.

Is Tea Time Franchise Profitable?

A profit of almost 40- 70% is expected of the total sale that is made at the franchise. On average, the period of ROI (Return on Investment) is estimated to be six months.

How to Apply for a Tea Time Franchise?

To get Tea Time franchise in your place, you can reach them from their franchise query page or can contact them through the phone number, that listed below.

Tea Time Franchise Contact Details

Head Office Address

Desi Tea Time Pvt. Ltd.
A1, G Block, Amrutha enclave,
Road No 14, Banjara Hills,
Hyderabad – 500 034,
Telangana, India

Tea Time Franchise Contact Number

+91 6366370426

+91 9685667676


India is one of the largest producers of tea in the whole wide world. However, almost 80% of tea that is produced in the country is consumed here itself. It reflects how much Indians love their traditional drink. We just need an excuse to sip the freshly brewed hot tea.

Tea Time, the biggest tea outlet chain in India, has now given us Indians to cherish our favorite tea. It serves a wide variety of flavors of tea according to the preference of the tea lovers. So be an esteemed franchise partner of Tea Time And get started with your franchise business journey!

If you have any further queries, please feel free to drop a comment down below, and we will get back to you soon.