How to Get a Tibbs Frankie Franchise in India?

Tibb's Frankie Franchise Outlet

Do you know that Frankie is the trade name of Tibb’s Frankie, a well-reputed brand in India’s fast-food industry?

Many years have passed by, but the brand has successfully maintained its high quality and retained a loyal customer base. Hence, your decision to become franchise partners of Tibb’s Frankie is undoubtedly the best business decision taken.

History of the Brand – Tibb’s Frankie

It all started when Mr Amrjit Singh Tibb and his wife tasted a Lebanese cuisine that was prepared using pitta bread in Beirut. Later in the year 1969, they launched Tibb’s Frankie, with the sole aim to introduce people of India to the Indian version of Lebanese delicacy they had enjoyed in Beirut.

In the year 1985, Mr Charanjit Singh Tibb joined Tibb’s Frankie, and under his able guidance, the brand marked its presence in malls.

Later in 1992, Mr Jasmit Tibb, who expanded the business not only across the nation but also abroad in the United Kingdom and Dubai, joined Tibb’s Frankie. As of now, Tibbs Frankie has grown to be a franchise chain of more than 300 outlets across India’s 15 cities.

Tibbs Frankies USP

Following are some of the aspects that make this fast food brand popular in India.

Great Quality

Although Tibb’s Frankie was founded way back in the year 1969, yet it has successfully retained its high quality over the years. In no way, the brand has ever compromised on the quality of the products or the cuisine that they offer to their consumers.

Generous Quantity

The quantity served by Tibb’s Frankie is quite generous when compared to the other similar brands. And this is one of the aspects that make Tibb’s Frankie different from others.

Secrete Masala Mix

The masala mix used in the preparation of the products or dishes served by Tibb’s Frankie is prepared by keeping Indians’ taste preferences in mind. This secret masala mix is the one that gives Frankies, rolls, and wraps served by the company its unique taste, which is loved by the people across India.

Why Should You Start a Franchise of Tibbs Frankie?

Tibb’s Frankie is undoubtedly one of the best fast-food brands in India, and the following are the reasons why you should also become franchise owners of this popular brand,

Complete Support

Tibb’s Frankie supports its franchise owners throughout their franchise business journey. Starting from the pre-opening phase, space for an outlet to the designing of the franchise. It makes it easy for franchise business aspirants to step into the franchise world.

Low Investment

The total investment required to start the Tibb’s Frankie franchise is only 3 to 5 lakh rupees, which is relatively less as compared to other brands of the fast-food industry in India. As the franchise owner has to invest very little initially, it increases the overall profitability of the business.

Loyal Customer Base

Tibbs Frankie has a large customer base of its own, because of which you can expect a constant flow of consumers to your outlet, thus increasing the return on investment.

Requirements for Starting a Tibb’s Frankie Franchise in India

Now that you know everything about the Tibb’s Frankie franchise business, do you want to take the Tibbs Frankie franchise in your city? If so, the following are all the requirements to open a Tibb’s Frankie franchise in detail –

Area Requirement

The proposed space to open the Tibb’s Frankie franchise should have the carpet area of almost 50 to 150 square feet. However, there should be an adequate distance between two outlets of Tibb’s Frankie.


To get the franchise outlet of Tibb’s Frankie, you should either have previous experience of running a franchise business or possess skills required to run the franchise successfully, for instance, management, communication, and marketing skills.


In order to maintain the credibility about the quality of the products offered by the brand, the company provides extensive training to the selected franchise business aspirant. Moreover, the Tibb’s Frankie franchise team provides onsite training for the franchise’s employees in the franchise itself. Thus, ensuring the seamless functioning of the franchise according to the standards of the company.

Investment – How Much Does a Tibbs Frankie Franchise Cost in India?

The total investment that has to be made to start the Tibb’s Frankie Franchise is approximately 1.5 lakhs to 5 lakhs rupees only. The company charges the franchise fee of 1.5 lakhs rupees. In addition to that, you will have to spend almost INR 60 thousand to purchase the equipment required to run the business.

Although the company provides guidance as far as the outlet’s design is concerned, the franchise owner has to invest approximately INR 75000 to design and furnish the outlet.


The number of employees required to run the franchise outlet depends on the size of the outlet and also the customer flow; however, for the seamless working of the franchise, 3 to 5 employees should be hired.

As mentioned earlier, the company will provide the necessary training to the employees periodically, but while the recruitment attention should be provided towards various skills possessed by the employees.

The employees should be most importantly enthusiastic towards his or her and should ideally possess excellent communication as well as marketing skills.

Franchise Agreement

The company makes the franchise agreement with a period of three years. However, the franchise owner can renew the franchise agreement at the end of the term without much of a hassle.

How to Apply for a Tibbs Frankie Franchise?

To get a Tibb’s Frankie franchise in your city, all you have to do is visit their official franchise page, and there you will able to see a contact form. You need to send your request from that section.

If you are selected to be a Tibb’s Frankie franchise owner, then company officials will get in touch with you soon to complete all the necessary procedures.

Final Words

Tibb’s Frankie is the largest chain of outlets selling Frankies, rolls, and wraps In India. Moreover, it is very popular amongst the Indians. Hence, you should not miss an opportunity to become a business partner of Tibb’s Frankie, a reputable brand of the Indian fast food industry.

We hope that this article proves to be very helpful to you while you step into the franchise world by starting a Tibb’s Frankie franchise.

In case you have any further queries regarding the same, please feel free to leave a comment down below, and we will be glad to help you out.