How to Get Xpressbees Courier Franchise in My City?

Xpressbees Courier Franchise Service in India

We are living in a digital age where you can get everything from the internet. With the advent of the digital era, our shopping style has changed a lot, and most people want to shop for anything from a toothbrush to a laptop from the comfort of their couch in their home. This sudden rise in online shopping has also led to the rise of another sector, the courier industry.

It is estimated that in 2021, e-commerce sales will hit a staggering 1.5 trillion USD, and hence for that matter, the courier industry will also grow at a rate of 20-25%. Xpressbees is a company that specializes in providing high-quality logistics services and processes more than 70,000 orders a day. In this article, we’ll be discussing everything about Xpressbees Courier, including how to apply, requirements, and the benefits of opening an Xpressbees Franchise.

Story of Xpressbees

Xpressbees was founded by Amitava Saha and Supam Maheswari in the year 2015. Xpressbees is renowned for its quick delivery service and excellent customer satisfaction. They have an extensive network throughout the country and provide the best logistical solutions to their customers. One of the highlights of their service is their last-mile management system that makes Xpressbees one of the trusted logistics providers in the country.

Your search for the most affordable and reliable courier service ends with Xpressbees logistics services. Xpressbees is associated with many popular brands in the country include Myntra, Firstcry, GE, Bajaj Finserv, MI Store, Landmark, Ace Technologies, etc.

Benefits of Running a Franchise of Xpressbees

Xpressbees franchise is a profitable business, and running the franchise is also very simple compared to other businesses. All you need to do is collect the shipments from Xpressbees delivery counters and deliver it properly to the correct addresses and earn your delivery commissions out of it. Let’s look at the other benefits of running an Xpressbees Courier Franchise:

Excellent Service Team

One of the highlights of Xpressbees is that it comes with a well-trained and experienced service team that provides excellent training to its franchisees. When you become a franchise owner of Xpressbees, you will get the best support and service from the team.

Easy-to-use Software

Xpressbees also provides every franchise owner with easy-to-use software to manage the deliveries effectively.  The success of any shipment delivery system is defined based on its ability to allow customers to track their shipments online. Xpressbees provide an excellent tracking tool that allows customers to track their shipments in seconds.

Advertising & Marketing

When you start an Xpressbees franchise, you don’t need to worry about spending your money on any kind of advertising or marketing. The reason is that you won’t be dealing with customers to place orders as you will get the shipments from the Xpressbees delivery centre, and all you need to do is manage the shipments and deliver them to the correct address.

Highest ROI (Return on Investment)

When you invest your money in opening an Xpressbees logistics franchise in your city, you can expect guaranteed returns on your investment. Every consignment you deliver successfully will earn you a delivery commission. You can get the total commission amount credited to your bank account at the end of the month.

Requirements for Starting an Xpressbees Franchise in My City

Before you start investing in any business, you need to understand the intricacies and requirements to start the business. It will provide a clear idea about how to go about starting it. Let’s look at the requirements needed to start an Xpressbees franchise in India.

Area Requirement

To open an Xpressbees courier franchise, you need a minimum of at least 300 to 400 sq. Ft. You can either rent space or have your own property to start the business. But it would be best if you had the property inspected before they approve your franchise application.

Experience & Skills

There is no specific experience required to start an Xpressbees delivery franchise. All you need is the passion and confidence to run the franchise successfully. But if you have any previous experience in the logistics sector, then it would be an added advantage as you can score over other applicants.


Once your site is visited by the Xpressbees franchise support team and your application is approved, the training session commences from there. The support team will provide all the required material to help you understand the working of the logistics services. You will also be trained about how to operate the Xpressbees software and update everyday orders etc.

Investment – How Much Does an Xpressbees Franchise Cost in India?

To open a franchise of Xpressbees, you need to consult with the Xpressbees officials to get an idea about deposit money. Basically, it’s revealed after you get selected by them.

How to Apply for an Xpressbees Franchise?

For franchise enquiries, you need to contact the Xpressbees business support team. Once you contact them, they will provide the link for the online application form for franchisees, and you need to provide the proper details and submit it in due course of time. It is said that the business partner team rejects many applications due to a lack of information or wrong information on applications. Hence, it is important to provide the correct information if you need your application to be approved.

To contact the business partner team, you can either call them or send an email as mentioned below:

Phone No: 020-49116100

Email ID:

On the contact us page of their official website, there is a separate section, “Become a Franchise”, where you can fill in your name, email address, Mobile, Email, State, Your Experience, etc. Click here to access their Contact us page.

Final Words

Xpressbees is a popular logistics service that has bagged contracts of some of the major brands in the country. Hence, you can expect guaranteed returns for your investment. The delivery commissions offered by Xpressbees is also pretty much decent when compared to other courier companies. Therefore, if you are thinking about running a business of your own, then it is the right time to start an Xpressbees franchise.

We hope that our franchise guide provides you with all the information you need to understand about the company, along with all the details about the benefits and requirements to open a franchise of Xpressbees.